How is the expieience with buying a home through USAA? Any feedback? Or should I just use a regular mortgage guy?


I bought a new home in 2008 through Wells Fargo. I looked at USAA at the time, but their rates weren't as good. I have, since, refinanced twice through USAA and now have a 30-yr fixed rate of 3.75%. I've refinanced with them in WA and in Korea and really haven't had any issues.


The only complaint I had was when the rates were ridiculously seemed everyone was refinancing so USAA got bogged down and my mortgage process took longer than I would have liked. I'm sure processing times are better now since rates are climbing up again.


I love USAA, but you need to shop around and get the best rates with the lowest fees, possible. The solution won't always be USAA, but they're definitely worth the look.

The experience through USAA is a nightmare.  Don't do it.



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  1. You will find that the USAA mortgage buying experience by individual USAA Members is mixed, some good and some bad, because the mortgage situation for each individual is different.

  2. Overall I think you will find that the mortgage buying process via USAA is OK and has some advantages.

  3. For me, I used USAA for my current mortgage and GOT PAID when I closed on my property because I used the USAA Movers Advantage Program. Overall my experience with getting a USAA mortgage was POSITIVE.

  4. You should read my POST HELP: How Long Does USAA Movers Advantage Bonus Payment Take? (ANSWERED) as well as the various reply posting above that post.

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They were great throughout buying and selling our home.
Awful. It is a nightmare to deal with them!

Run away.  Run far, far away.  I had an excellent experience buying my first home through USAA ten years ago; they have made the experience in attempting to purchase my new home an endless nightmare.  No communication, last-minute requirements--not getting the loan closed on time and currently not even giving me an ETA on when they might have their act together so we can close.  We could end up losing the house due to USAA's incompetence.  This is not an experience I would wish on my worst enemy.


Go with a local lender.  I don't know what's up with USAA Home Mortgage or what's changed in the past ten years, but they do not live up to the high standards most of us have experienced with the rest of USAA.

It's not good.  Nothing like the other USAA services, which I really like.  I close on my house in a week, my loan is approved, and even still, I'd never use USAA for a mortgage again. 

They are extremley hard to contact.  Pretty much left in the dark during the whole process.  Typically takes about a week to get them to return a phone call or email.  I don't know if they are short staffed or just don't care but it seems to me like they don't have time to take care of your needs.