In the process of purchasing a home. If you are even considering using USAA shop around first. You will get better communication, better treatment, lower insterest rates and won't get your identity stolen if you go with someone other than USAA.<br><br>1. They will lose your Personal Identifiable Information.<br>They mailed our PII to our old address. This is after we explicitly told them we were military and had moved and had no access to that address. We are currently in a hotel waiting to buy a home at the new duty station. Got a random FB message from a stranger that USAA had overnighted a package days after we gave them our new mailing address - which is a PO box here. Which they refuse to accept as a physical address even though we are in a hotel. It was never forwarded, told USAA about it and they barely acknowledged it, just asked if they guy had opened the package. This loan application paperwork has SSN, birthdays, bank account information, any type of credit you have listed in a nice neat order for the taking and they could care less that they have now endangered our identities. They didn't even offer to change our bank account numbers, credit monitoring, nothing. Just a big eff you. Awesome. Thanks.<br><br>2. Poor Communication.<br>Of course the loan officer only tries to contact you while you at work, so you email responses back and they try to call you the next day. While you are at work. You make an appointment and take the day off so they can call you and you can lock in the interest rate, and they never call. You call them and leave a message and they write you an email saying they are on the phone and will contact you as soon as they are done. Lies, all lies. You wait three hours, and no phone call. You write another email asking what the interest rates are for the next day because the loan officer has already gone home for the evening after ignoring you, and you get a reply listing the new rates the next day. You reply back saying you want to lock in that rate and get another email back basically saying just kidding, your lender credit can only be half of what was originally written, my bad. And you end up settling for a garbage rate and a garbage lender credit because you are so sick of these stupid cat and mouse games, you are ready to pull out your hair. Also under lack of communication, they switched loan officers on us halfway through the loan application process. And they have added things to the closing costs after the initial paperwork we had signed without telling us so it's a random surprise. Only thing they'd an ever say for themselves? " I'm sorry communication has been difficult." And then they defecate on you some more. Instead of empty apologies they should actually do something about it.<br><br>3. You WILL NOT close in time<br>We are living in a hotel. Putting a strain on our finances. USAA said they could close in about 45 days, and now they are saying it will take THREE MONTHS. The listing agents and selling agents and everyone in the realtor business warned us, but no, we just had to be loyal to USAA and now we are paying for it every day.<br><br>As a homebuyer, this is the worst experience I have ever had with getting a loan. I have a middle credit score of 810, and USAA treats me like a piece of worthless rubbish. Run away while you still can. Powerhouse USAA could care less about any one of us as human beings because we are replaceable and they will get the business elsewhere. They have made this extremely apparent but continuing the lack of effort, the lack of integrity and the complete lack of respect in which they have treated me and my family as members through this entire process. <br><br>You've been warned. We ignored everyone that warned us, don't be like us.<br>




We appreciate you sharing your feedback in the Community. This is not the type of service we expect for our members while trying to purchase a home. I have escalated your comments for review and response. We look forward to working with you further to address your concerns. -Gus