We have been loyal USAA customer's since about 2001 and in that time have never filed a property claim. Let me share our experience with you, as it has been absolutely HORRIBLE. 


We took considerable damage to our home from the recent Noreaster wind storms. Mass amounts of shingle from our roof was either blown away, peeled back to expose the wood or is now very lose from the adhesive. Lost one shutter and some siding, thankfully were covered. But obtaining the money has been turmoil on top of having to deal with the shape our home is in. I filed a claim through the USAA mobile App and a adjuster contacted us about three days later. We setup a time and date, he came and his assessment and left. About three days later through the USAA communications portal we received the breakdown of what needed to be repaired. Entire new roof, shutter and siding. 


This is where all the problems began. We have 53 solar panels on our home and USAA is covering the removal of the panels and the reinstallation. We were required to get a quote from Tesla how much it would cost to do this. USAA had a dollar amount of $5, 894 to remove and reinstall the panels and Tesla came back with the amount of $7,143.55. I shared the paperwork Tesla provided me with USAA and USAA requested a cost breakdown of how they arrived at this figure. I then noticed something odd on the adjuster's report. It was noted there were 24 panels and the unit price for removing them was $245.62 and this is how USAA arrived at the amount of $5, 894. Reminder, we have 53 solar panels; someone cannot count properly. That is a HUGE difference. Then I discovered further that Tesla's price of $7,143.55, they are charging $130 a unit to remove the panels, which is considerably less than what the adjuster had put. I pointed this out to USAA and they sent us via EFT the difference of $1, 265.56.


This was the easy part. USAA sent us a check for the amount of $14, 766.50. The paperwork USAA sent us before the check was mailed stated the following: When you receive your check, you'll see your ortgage company included as a yapee. This is required by the policy under Section I - Conditions, Morgage clause. We suggest you contact your mortgage company for instructions on the check endorsement and payment release. Not only did USAA put themselves as the primary lean holder (they are not), we have a HELOC with them. But you would still think if they are required to be on the check they would have endorsed it before they sent it to us correct? THEY DID NOT!!!


Now all craziness is about to break lose!!!


My husband calls and brings this to their attention, USAA said they needed to cancel the check and reissue a new one with the proper mortgage company on it. I called the next day and spoke to a representative that shared with me when the adjuster see's the notes in his machine the first check needed to be voided and a new check issued, that she can have my request honored to expidite the mailing of the check. THIS WAS ALL A LIE!!!! ONE REALLY HUGE BIG JI-NORMOUS LIE!!!! 


I called back the next day and spoke to a different representative and he shared with me that if he could get my mortgage company to agree to USAA releasing the check to us without them physically endorsing it, that we could have the funds electronically sent to our bank account. He also shared with me that he would call me once his process was approved. He called me about 30 mins later to let me know it was approved (he left a voicemail). In that voicemail he shared with me that we would receive and alert letting us know when the fund were on the way and it should be tomorrow. Welp, it is tomorrow March 28th and nothing. So I called the Rep this morning that left me the message yesterday, had to leave a message on his voicemail and no call back. Called USAA today March 28th again between 1:00-1:30pm  and yet again spoke to another representative who kindly told me that my mortgage company at 9:00am this morning did not agree to electronically endorse the check and allow the EFT. I asked for a Manager and OF COURSE was told they would have to expidite my issue and a manager will call me back. In the meantime, any venue/social media that is avaliable to me to express the amount of frustration and disgust with USAA I am going to utilize. 


So you all know at this point I am LIVID!!! WE have been paying our homeowners insurance faithfully and on time for years and when we needed USAA during a time of crisis they have failed MISERABLY. I really need USAA to remove all commercials and ads that say USAA will always be there for it's members, especially in their time of need/crisis. WE NEED OUR ROOF FIXED BUT DON'T HAVE THE CHECK.


USAA YOU HAVE FAILED MISERABLY AND HAVE ADDED TO AN ALREADY TERRIBLE SITUATION. We are already stressed out about the current damage and the potential for more damage because of the state of our roof. 



@ Amor68,

Hearing about your claim experience is disheartening, and I definitely want to have your situation reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to our CEO Member Relations Team who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. ~Mike 

I've had my insurance through USAA for many years.  I've never had to file a claim but I have heard nothing but horror stories from people who have.  I know a lot of people who have left USAA just because they got the run around on their claim.  It's sad when you are a dedicated customer and you don't get the same dedication in return. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your concern based on the feedback you've received from others. I can assure you if the time comes where you need to file a claim we will absolutely do our best to provide you with the service you expect and deserve from us. Hope you have a great morning and let us know if we can be of assistance!