Is it possible to purchase a home in one state while living in another? The home purchased in the other state would become our primary residence.



You can buy a home out of state! I have a few friends now (in California) who have made offers on homes in Virginia!  If you have other detailed questions don't hesitate to post or you can call us at 1-800-531-0463  (Opens pop-upto talk with a mortgage specialist! :)

Thank You! Is it a much different process than if I were to buy in the state I currently live in? I understand there will be tax differences and things like that but as far as obtaining a mortgage through USAA how much different/harder is it?

Just read the posts in member community. Click on topics and choose buying home..You will see how MANY UNHAPPY members are posting regarding USAA mortgage experience....And make your decision.....I recommend: RUN, while you can, run away and get mortgage from somewhere else....

Hi Medibrad,

Sorry for the delayed response. I consulted with an expert here at USAA and here is what he had to say:


The only catch here is timing. Depending on the product, there are time limits with regard to how quickly the borrower must occupy the property in order to close as an primary owner occupied home. If they can’t meet the time requirement it will have to be classified as a second home or investment property. This can have significant impact to rate and down payment requirements as well as product restrictions. VA loans cannot be used for the purchase of second homes or investment properties.


I encourage you to call us and talk to a mortgage specialist so you can talk about the details about your purchase plan so you can get advice and facts tailored to your specific situation! Thank you for posting!