Public Service Announcement

If you are interested in a refinance, don't use USAA. Their mortgage division is TERRIBLE, unorganized, and their rates are nowhere close to competitive. 


Freinds don't let friends use USAA for a refinance. Do you research and go with Veterans United. They are fantastic, efficent, and their rates will blow USAA out of the water. 


I gave USAA a shot, and they bumbled it. 


5.4% at USAA versus 2.3% at Veterans United.


Its a no brainer. 

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@IRQVETThank you for your tenured USAA membership. It's very disappointing to hear we may have let you down. It's never our intent to make you feel this way and take this to heart. Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding mortgage rates, and please know that we continue to evaluate competitiveness, member feedback, and emerging trends to do our best to keep rates fair and competitive. I do hope you check back with us soon as we will always value your membership. All the best! - Dan 

Absolutely no way I would let USAA anywhere near a mortgage.  Smart move not using USAA.