I want to start off saying that USAA will do anything to get you interested in obtaining a loan from them. I am here to tell you DO NOT DO IT as they will draw you in and then take a #2 all over you once they have you right by the balls. Here are a few loan officer that I would like to point out as they lied to me the most I will also highlight the one that got let go for lying to me and my spouse over the phone. Loan officer Zachary I Axxxxxxxx MLS#[removed sensitive data], Brenna Bxxxxxxxx based on emails working under someone elses MLS number. now the processers remember how I said i would point out the one that is no longer working for USAA for lying well here she is Adriana Jxxxxxxxx MLS#[removed sensitive data]. really should have stopped letting them processs my loan at this point but like i said they have you right by your 2 liitle boys. then the next processor this guy was very very condosending to me my spouse my agent and I asure his co-workers but who am I to say, his name is Patrick Gxxxxxxxx MLS# [removed sensitive data]. Last but not least this woman made it sould like everything was going great then continued to move my loan forward while making exceptions for things that I said I could not obtain and if I didnt obtain then she would have to close my loan out which I was okay with at this point but against my email to her not to send anything forward to the sellers of a home until i talked with her about the new terms or cost of the home guess what she sent it anyway what a great way to make a Veteran fell good about USAA. Her name is Terri Mxxxxxxxx Nmls#[removed sensitive data] this mind you is a senior procceser who should no that the best interest should be for the client but it turns out that the best interest in for USAA.  I hope this atleast helps one Veteran from being screwed over by this process. PLEASE PLEASE BE WARE OF USAA AND THERE LENDING PRACTICES 




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Sorry this happened to you



Never do business with USAA until the revert back to the company they once were.  Not sure if that will happen though.