In May 2012, my wife and I closed on our current house. Sixteen months later we found out that the house is severely infested with wood borers (powder post beetles). We then got estimates on treatment and repairs as well as a report from a Board Certified Entomologist. We hired a lawyer to take our case against the pest inspection company and the home inspector. By the time we got to this point, we’ve reached our limit on available credit. In March 2014 we then turned to USAA asking for help because we no longer had the financial means to continue our case. We sent them all of documentation showing that the inspections were gundecked and that we asked for a mortgage for a house that did not meet the standards of USAA and the VA. So on these false inspections the VA backed our loan and USAA granted us the mortgage. I was furious when USAA responded to us stating “We regret to inform you USAA is unable to assist in this matter. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your file. We urge you to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your family and to hire an attorney to provide legal counsel.”


What for garbage is that!? USAA tells us to hire a lawyer after we’ve told them we could no longer afford our lawyer! I really see that USAA does not give sh*t about their members!!!! All their care about is lining their pockets. I am now being forced to either short sale, foreclose or deed in-lieu my house, causing me to be penalized for someone else’s inability to effectively perform their duties that they were paid to do. After all of this is over, I will stop all of my banking/insurance with USAA.


Dear aklin,

I have escalated your comment and situation to our mortgage department and a specialist will be reaching out to talk further about your situation. Thank you for posting here in the community.

Ms. Hartzell,


The only people I want to hear from are the people that actually make the decisions. I've talked with many "pawns" in the mortgage department about this. I've also talk with the Senior Vice President of DMI who told me that "we can't do anything". Which I say is pure "BS". If I had lied and fudged a document for my house, USAA would stop at nothing to take me to court and take everything from me. So why wouldn’t they help one of their members out to hold these two inspectors accountable for doing exactly that……fudging a document.


I have done nothing but “doing the right thing”. All I want is to keep my house and hold these incompetent inspectors accountable for their actions. I only asked USAA to assist with keeping an attorney. My previous attorney told us that it will cost about $50,000 to take this through court. USAA would just have to cover that amount or provide an attorney to continue the case. If not then USAA could eat the entire cost of my house which was $338,000. Now math was never a great subject for me in school but if I would have the choice of losing $50,000 or $338,000, I’m going with the $50,000. USAA could actually reclaim it after settlement. So USAA would have never spent that money. Although there is another equation associated with this. That is, USAA can just write the house off as a loss and get their money back from taxes. But not me……I get to be punished for the next couple of years for doing nothing wrong.

Thanks for posting aklin. I have made sure the specialists also receive this comment.

This message is for Misty XXXXXXXXXXX.


You called and spoke to me on June 18, 2015 about the problem I've stated here. You gave me an email address to send a document we were talking about and I did just that the following day. You (like so many USAA and everywhere else) blew smoke up my rear saying that you'll be looking at everything and will be getting back in touch with me. Today is July 15, 2015; almost 30 days after you called me. I emailed you Monday (July 13, 2015 at 0913) asking for an update from you. I have not heard a peep for you or anyone else. Please follow through with what you’ve said that you’d do and stay in contact with me (and also by giving me a phone number as to which I can actually reach you at) and provide me updates.




This is to USAA.


Your customer service is downright horrible. You have many different systems that people work in but none of those systems communicate with each other. You guys have no means of finding other USAA employees (if you do, then your employees have lied to me and probably many other people). A member can call you guys, ask to speak with someone (that they have spoken with before) but no one at USAA ever knows that person or knows how to find that person (you work at the same company, how do you not know how to find someone’s contact information?). Where I work it’s very easy for me to find someone’s contact information and I work for a much larger organization than USAA. That is p*ss poor!

USAA…in your advertisement commercials you always claim “we care about our members” and have members say “how great USAA is and that they bent over backwards to help them through whatever issue they had”. I have yet to meet that USAA. You bent over backwards to give me money but the moment I showed you the proof that the inspections that were required were “gundecked” (lied about for those non-navy people), you threw your hands up saying that it’s not your problem that the inspections were not done correctly. It’s my problem.


I would like to know, why should I continue to stay and deal with USAA? What is in it for me!?


It's funny that someone blanked out Mistys’ name because anytime a member is speaking with one of you people. You never want to tell that member your full name, your title and where in USAA you really work. But you want all kinds of information about who you’re speaking with. You guys are like the secret service of the banking industries.


Hi Alkin,

I wanted to let you know your comments have been assigned to a specialist who will be reaching out.


Also, we remove any personal data about members and employees per our moderation guidelines to protect their personal identifiable information.


Thank you

So now someone else is going to be getting in touch with me? Why can't the same person get back in touch with like they said they would?


"Also, we remove any personal data about members and employees per our moderation guidelines to protect their personal identifiable information." so then what about yourself? Is Briana Hartzell your real name? Or is it false to protect your PII?


BTW, how is me addressing her on a USAA page breaching PII; when you can find her on facebook and it says that she works at USAA. I have said nothing that was not already put out to the whole world.


Do you see how you and USAA keep going around in circle here? By having someone else talk to me, Do you think that is going to make me go away? By telling me....there's nothing we can do. Sorry. You have options out there. They are: short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy. All three of those options conclude with me "taking the blame" for this. All three of those options hurt my credit score. For every loan I apply for from that point on, I will have to anser yes to any those questions. For every mortgage I apply for from that point on, I will have to answer yes to that question. For every time I have to renew my clearance, I will have to answer yes to any of those questions. I WILL NOT TAKE THEM BLAME FOR SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT! I WILL NOT BE PUNISHED FOR SOMEONE'S NEGLIGENCE. Ask yourself, would you take the blame if you were in the same situation that I am in? Your answer would be no. So I don’t want to hear any more excuses. I want results. I am tired of hearing sorry and no I/we cannot help. I want to hear "yes I will help" or "yes we will help" because this way in no way your fault and it will to be rectified.


You say that you care…..but it does not show. You beat around the bush just so you can avoid saying "yes we were lied to". Why is that? Why is it that I have proven to you that we were all lied to about an inspection on a house and you to say: “you need to hire a lawyer” and “you bought the house”? Banks always care when one of their members lie about something on their paperwork. When that happens, you "the bank" will jump through flaming hoops to destroy that person financially either in or out of court but if it’s a company that was hired to perform a task to ensure that you were granting a mortgage on a good house. You “the bank” throw your hands up in the air and say “that has nothing to do with us”.

I have done nothing but do the right things (I pay my bills on time, I do not default on anything and I’m trying to hold these inspectors accountable for their misdoings) and this is how I get repaid. I get no help…..from a single entity. I have heard more times than I can remember “you have got a really great case and I’m so sorry that you have to go through with this but……I can’t help”.

You will spare no expense hunt me down and take everything else from me in court if I choose to default on this mortgage. The only reason I would default is because we got the wool pulled over our eyes about the condition of this house and I’m stuck not being able to afford to fix it. Which I should not have to be the one responsible for fixing this house. I did not cause any of this.

So, I have gotten tired of hearing the “bs” answers from you and everyone else that I have been dealing with for the past two years, I have gotten tired of you beating around the bushes. I decided I would start to ruffle feathers. Now the whole world has gone quiet. Now all you can hear is just the sounds of crickets chirping. See, it is ok for a “big dog” (you, a big powerful company/corporation) to ruffle people’s feathers, but it is not ok if a small dog (such as myself) ruffles the feathers of the big dog. That upsets the pendulum.

I will say this, you have got on heck of a business strategy and ethics….and they are not good strategies and/or ethics. Ignoring me is not going to make me go away. I am a bad penny, I always turn up. I will not be quiet until this gets resolved. I may be a small dog, but I am wiry and I don’t back down because I’m face to face with a big dog.