I need a bank statement to use as a form of proof of address/residency. Is there a way to print a statement that has my address on it online? Where? How? I need this by mid day tomorrow. Thanks.


I can see my checking account statements with my address.  When you are in your checking account online go to My Account Tools> Documents and Forms > View Documents and you can print the pdf file from there.  


I hope it works for you too. 


Exactly what I would of posted. Right on Point!

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Thank you 727!

What if you changed your address. Is there a way that you can get a new statement without waiting to next month on the 1st when the new statements go out?



Yes (provided you have updated your Profile).


1. You can try to contact USAA via their Twitter Response Form




2. You can call 1-800-531-USAA (8722) and speak to one of USAA's Member Service Representatives whom will be happy to assist you. They could place a "document" in your Document Center (see My Account Tools > View Documents).


I hope I have helped in some small way.

hithere, great question. Your new document should have the updated address. However, if it does not please let us know so we can assist. - Janay



I'm experiencing a similar problem as above - I'm applying for something and I need a document with my new (just PCSed) address. I have updated it online, and as best as I can tell I generally get a new document on the 5th - can I verify that this document will have the new address on it?


Thank you!