Can someone please explain primary residence to me?  I don't understand how in trying to purchase my retirement home and maintaining a lease my final 6 months in the military forces me to have to place 15% down versus 5% down.  I will live the majority of the time in the retirement home and maintain the leased home for duty and finishing up retirement process.  All my stuff, mail, addresses, ect. will be in the new home which I will commute from.  Just really frustrated with losing the ability to buy a home because of finishing out my service.


I can only comment on how strict the VA is when it comes to primary living house. My husband and I tried this a couple yrs ago, while he would be working in Fl, but I would be living in NC in our primary home. I believe the real issue is that they don't want to risk losing out, or possibly not being able to afford both homes...Not only are the banks still weary of mortgage loans, VA too is getting stricter, wanting more information and money down.
Although we just purchased a new home 3 months ago, and we had no issue with this loan, and did not need to put any deposit down on the home. Ours is $200,000.00 so if your loan is more than this maybe thats the reason for the additional money down. Good luck i hope everything goes well for you!

I am only looking at $100,000 for the mortgage.  As I will be living in the country in lower DE this actually goes pretty far for what I need (only looking at 2 bedroom homes around 1200 sq.ft.).  That is where my confusion comes in.  Mortgage would be @ 675 a month at the full 100K with taxes, PMI, ect. 


Thanks for the reply though.

Not to mention the place I am retiring to is only two hours away from where I am stationed.

So I finally got the answer.  A two hour commute is considered outside of primary residenacy.  So for those looking to buy your retirement home on the way out of the military, if it's two hours or more away you will have to wait to purchase closer to your retirement date which also means your retirement salary will be the basis for what you can afford or save to afford a 15% down payment + closing costs to purchase your "second" home.  Just a heads up for planning purposes.