I have decided to go with USAA in obtaining a first time buyer VA home loan. I have talked to their mortgage specialist a couple times now and yesterday was the first time I requested a letter. The realtor I am working with asked me to contact USAA and obtain a Pre-qualification letter. I talked to the specialist and requested this letter to which she replied that USAA does not offer any letters of this sort. The first time I talked to a specialist he asked me a series of questions about my financial state and debt, he told me that they need all this information in order to Pre-qualify me which he did. I know there's a difference between a pre-approval letter and a Pre-qualification letter but the specialist told me they do not provide this. Has anyone else tried to obtain this letter? Or does anyone have knowledge about whether or not USAA being able to provide a Pre-qualification letter? Thank you in advance and hope to get this situation cleared up for me.




Thank you for reaching out in the Community. We regret to hear of your experience and want to help you continue your home buying process. Please contact a mortgage specialist at 210-531-USAA (8722) to further discuss. We look forward to assisting you with your home buying experience! Thank you. -Gus

@Caliboy909  - If you have not done so already, I highly recommend that you look at comments on this website regarding using USAA for mortgage/VA loans and I recommend that you explore some other options besides USAA.  You may end up having a wonderful experience, but some members have not, myself included.  Your realtor may have some suggestions on local bankers or mortgage brokers who are willing to talk to you.  As a caution though, if you are talking to different people make sure each of these people is not pulling your credit report as this would be considered a hard hit. (I suspect that USAA may have already pulled a credit report on you as they "pre-qualified" you.) 


Even though our loan (refinancing) was approved, it really was a nightmare that was the result of poor communication, lack of follow through, conflicting information, and USAA constantly asking us to provide the same documents over and over again and then our closing date was changed at the last moment to a date my husband was to be out of the country after USAA and I had initially agreed to a date because of my husband's extensive travel schedule. (This was important because additional paperwork would be necessary if he could not be at the closing).  Our loan should have been a no brainer with our credit scores, credit history, my husband's 6 figure income for the last 20+ years, and our considerable assets.  But USAA made it difficult, much more difficult than it had to be.  If I had known what this refinancing would have involved, I never would have started it especially with a closing during the start of my tax season. 

DO NOT use USAA for a VA loan!!!! You will go through a horrific & traumatic ordeal!!! I was within 24 hours of being homeless due to USAA incompetence!!!!
Thanks for comments everyone I am seriously thinking everything over 100% before making my final decision on who to go with because I have yet to see a good review since I've been looking. Thanks
pre approval and pre qualification are used interchangeably by usaa and many real estate agencies, although there is a technical difference, it should not matter for your search, as long as you have one of them. my pre approval letter worked well for me. the document you need is in your documents on usaa.com it is the one with the amount you have been approved for.

So I culd use the pre-approval from USAA for another lender?

1sthome, I received your inquiry in another thread. At this time, a mortgage specialist is not available to answer your inquiry during the weekend. However, I will forward your inquiry and you should receive a response by Monday. Thank you. - Ben


I appreciate the opportunity to provide clarification on the pre-qualification from USAA. If you receive a pre-qualification from USAA, this is only applicable for USAA. Real Estate agencies use the terms "pre-approval and pre-qualification" interchangeably and the terms may have different definitions. Please feel free to contact us directly to answer any further questions you may have with the pre-qualification from USAA. ~Thank you. Celeste