Very concerned and disappointed in my son's first home buying experience, choosing USAA, via recommendation from a family member. Failure points between the man who took the application, through lack of communication over 30 days, regarding specific questions from underwriting, to switching to a 2nd underwriter the day before closing, to be told "numbers font match between the application (USAA loan processors responsibility), and salary and income statements received. Being told not to worry, yet 5 hours before closing being told his loan was denied. Movers, notice of leaving his apartment, to several hours my son spent providing documentation over and over again. No attempt by USAA to work through the disparity....which could be explained, and apparently USAA is not used to loaning to teachers/coaches, as the repetitive questions concerning salary appeared to demonstrate lack of knowledge, or really, no sense of urgency or desire to work through the process to ensure approval. Round 2, adding his fiance, and they double the income requirement, and USAA advises in the video they send out, that their down payment MORE THAN DOUBLED!, interest rate jumped by .75, and a closing date of more than an additional 30 days!l. USAA has caused this horrific experience, and due to the failure between loan processing and underwriting, either an inept individual was the cause, or failure to communicate, will cost my kids THOUSANDS over the life of the loan. Yet he can't get a senior manager on the phone, or an answer as to WHAT HAPPENED to his pre-approval, and subsequent denial? I'm advising them to go local, if this can't be resolved, the original loan term honored, and someone working exclusively and in their best interest to earn their business. He is Tier 1! #USAAfailuretodorightbypre-approvedbuyerinOklahoma!!!!


And I am looking into violations of the Fair Housing, Fair Credit Act, and USC codes in terms of USAA responsibility and due process regarding loan processING and underwriting obligations. By telling my son to re-apply, you impact his credit, which he has EARNED as Tier 1, and impacted closing costs and fees due to your failure to determine income disparities (receiving proof of MORE income than the loan processor typed in on the application, and my son able to identify WHY, if only the question had been asked before denying him). Discrimatory practices in order to make more money by having buyers reapply due to failure by USAA loan processors and 3rd party underwriters.

SeniorMgr, please review our response here.  We are actively reviewing your information and appreciate the opportunity in resolving this matter.

I posted about USAA not doing any analysis in accordance with the VA underwriting guidelines.  They strictly relied on the last 2 year returns.  They did not examine 2016 pay stubs, or even ask to view my employment contract or to get a letter from my employer.  Let alone, they did not ask to see my credentials to verify stable and reliable employment (i.e., license, degrees, etc.). 


For my application, they strictly relied on the tax returns.  I wonder if they would do the same if a medical doctor applied for a mortgage.   

I am in the same boat, called and spoke with Alexander (USAA LOAN OFFICER), sent him all my income documents, (RAS, VA Disibility, bank statements ets) and answered all questions, I got a Pre-approval letter to purchase a home. After making a offer on the home and forking out $1000.00 for  earnest money, $450 for appraisal, $450.00 for home inspections and $295.00 for septic inspection, and 13 days before closing I get a call from a Andriana (USAA PROCESSOR), telling me I am dis-approved. There have been no changes to my income that I reported to Alexander prior to receiving the pre-approval letter. I tried to explain to Ms Jones how much money I was out and she said that’s USAA policy, her attitude was ‘I don’t care’ you are out any money. 



@Pre-approved joke, we appreciate you taking the opportunity to share your experience. Certainly this is not what we want for our members. I have taken this opportunity to share your experience with a colleague in the mortgage department. They will research your concerns and reach out to discuss this matter with you. Tricia

Pre-approved Joke, I appreciate your patience. I have shared your experience with a colleague who will further research what occurred and contact you within two business days. ~Jeanni