I am currenlty looking to puchase a home, but I do not yet have a definite location; Oregon, Washington, and Idaho are in my search area, but I indicated Spokane Washington for my pre-qualification.  Since that was approved, I'm hoping that I will qualify in other locations, but do not have any idea how to make sure?  I don't think I should be re-pre-qualifying for every location I see a potential home I want to check out.  I'm hoping to take a house hunting tour soon, and being disabled it will be a one-time event, so I want to make sure that once I have found something I like, that there is a good chance of being able to get the VA loan going quickly.  Since my budget is very low, finding a home in move-in condition within my price range is going to be tricky, and I may need to move fast.  


So, does anyone have any idea about the variables involved?  I should be exempt from the VA funding fee, and in Idaho I should be exempt from a majority of property tax, and I would hope that these items might make it easier to work with.  How can I make sure that the pre-approval means something, and how can I determine if I qualify for other locations?


Thanks for any information!




Thank you for posting in the Community. USAA offers several ways to assist you with your house hunting. In addition to the prequalification, USAA can also offer assistance with a referral to local real estate agents to assist with your house hunt through the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network. We would certainly like the opportunity to discuss your options, please contact a mortgage specialist at 1-800-531-8722. Additionally, you can search for information on the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network on usaa.com.