I am overwhelmed with disappointment in service with USAA today. After spending about an hour and half during my lunch break with a representative mainly in silence as she asked me 10 minutes worth of questions did I learn I did not receive what I thought I would. My fiance and I's pre-qualification letter expired like they do every 90 days and we had to re-up it. Previously in this process minutes after the approval I would receive my approval letter in my USAA account documents. Five hours after my phone call and still no letter in my documents. I called again (20+ minute phone call this time) only to learn that they are no longer offering to send through the document system and it would arrive by FedEx. When I asked that they FedEx this item to me overnight they said it was not possible and I should wait until it comes. At this point my frustration was high and I decided to hang up and call again in a hour. I proceeded to call again (another hour and half phone call with 2 hold periods lasting about 30 minutes) and speak to a representative who gave me the same information as the previous. I then asked to speak with a supervisor or manager about this issue (30 minute hold).  When I reached what I believed to be a manager or supervisor of some sort I explained what was happening and told him I hoped USAA has not gone into the dark ages and only able to send things via postal service. He then explained USAA is going though a software transition but someone should be able to send this to me via the internet (no specific way specified). He said he would send me to someone who could help me with this. 30 minute hold later - I speak with the most helpful person of the day who informs me the previous person I spoke with was not a manager or supervisor. He finally tells me that USAA has sent my pre-qualification letter via FedEx overnight already. At this point my frustration is overwhelming because I have spent my entire night trying to get someone to send me the letter in the fastest for USAA has available and it was already done but no one knew it!  He also kindly offered to fax the letter directly to my agent which was never offered the previous two times I spoke with other representatives. I have always thought highly of USAA and when it came time for my fiance and I to buy a house I had no doubt in my mind that we would USAA due to the excellent service I have received and my family has received over the many years we have been customers. Due to the hours I spent running in circles today with USAA it is hard for me to even consider using them as a mortgage lender. A once lifetime customer who has sung high praises of the company for years completely lost. When speaking with other family members about my situation tonight they have recently encountered similar disappointing situations in their interactions with other USAA departments. 


I thought it was me just being picky, but it looks like I was wrong. My husband joined USAA before we even met. He has been a member for 40 years. We always brag about them, but now, not so much. Up until last year we had NEVER encountered a rude representative, now its just like any other bank representative. It's really a shame. We have all our insurance and banking but it feels like we are no big deal.

I also had a similar experience! I was informed by the reperisenative vivian that they have never been able to send the pre-qualification letters to the member.  I know for a fact that i had been sent one 6 months ago. finding a fax machine was rather stressfull and came through looking like total garbage. It also took me 3 hours to get my approval competed with about half of that spent on hold. My wife called Navy federal and recieved a letter in 10 minutes. I am quickly finding the past service from USAA is long gone and it is becoming a rather normal bank. I am glad it was not just me that has had this issue.


I would like to begin by apologizing. I cannot imagine the time and frustration this situation has caused. I would like to get a mortgage specialist in contact with you to review what happened to make sure something like this does not happen to you or another member again. We can identify gaps in the process and improve if you give us the chance. We would truly appreciate it if you could email us at socialmedia@usaa.com with the details you provided above, your member number and the best way to contact you. Thank you Rachel.