Apparent change of closing with no communication, including my reaching out by email and phone.

This is an email today that would have taken one of the four USAA employees copied just a few minutes to acknowledge but none did.
When we last talked the goal was for closing by June 1.  It was stated as not guaranteed, but should be achievable.  I was concerned if we didn't make that date that I would need to make another payment changing the payoff amount and requiring another delay.  With the fact that a closing must be scheduled and the 48 hour waiting period we discussed I do not see how we are able to maintain June 1 as the closing date and there has been no recent communication about the schedule one way or the other.  I made the June 1 mortgage payment this evening, using a non-preferred method due to the late date, with an addition fee due to the payment method.
I wrote an email earlier this week looking for a status.  I also called and left a voicemail.  The goal of these being to get a current status so I knew whether I should go ahead an make the next mortgage payment.  I did not receive a response to either communication.
I have been told all along that it is a very busy time.  I have been patient with the process.  However, I have concerns about the lack of communication and lack of response to two communication attempts.  This issue is not only that we discussed this date in early May and still did not make it.  This issue, at this point is the slow or barely existent communications.  To be honest the lack of ability to get this across the finish line is becoming an issue.
Being busy is a concept I am well aware of - I too am busy.  I worked 72 hours last week, my sister passed away less than 72 hours ago, yet here I am needing to wonder about whether I can trust USAA to handle my mortgage.  This should not be the biggest thing on my mind and that is your job to manage, not by making the process faster, but by keeping me informed.
I expect to have a communication, preferably email, from one of you today, Friday May 29, 2020, to at least acknowledge you are working on getting a new status with the next steps and a date I can expect to receive the status/steps. 


Please do yourself a favor and get someone else for your mortgage. It only gets worse once they have you.
I have been fighting them for 2+ months because they want to put forced plan hurricane insurance on me (when I get hurricane insurance through my home owners). And on top of it, they want me to pay to insure the past year when they know there was no hurricane.
Please please use a different company for your mortgage. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Hello @Iamthebusyone, thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry to hear about this experience. We have located your file and provided this feedback to our processing management to address with you by phone today.

This is not an isolated incident! I'm having the same issue. My wife took off work to sign paperwork this morning only to find out that our appointment was cancelled.. then found out that our closing documents hadn't been sent to the signing people.  We've used USAA for our mortgage before and it was an AMAZING experience. This is not what I expect from USAA.

Hello @MartinHanley, we are sorry to hear about this. We have notated your feedback as well and escalated this issue with your processor's manager.