Poor Mortgage Service and Management Response

Don't do it...use another mortgage service.  The loan officer in the loan origination department failed to compute my VA entitlement and sent the loan disclosure documentation.  Two weeks into the process I was contacted by someone else in another department with VA entitlement calculation that required my down payment to almost double.  Home insurance estimate was a total "guess" (over $70/month off the mark).  Estimate implies there was some analytical process involved. This incompetence was compounded by the lack of management involvement and response. Finding someone in management is next to impossbile and getting a response (up to this point) is impossible. There was no contact with "how can we fix this" or "we'll get this resolved in the future".  The response from management was ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING!!!!

Purchasing a home should be a great event but using USAA Mortgage Services has made it a nightmare.  While I know I'll still have the same financial responsibility with another service, my hope is to have more knowledgeable personnel on my side with management who can support and respond.

After more than 25 years of doing business, I am truly disappointed and beyond frustrated.

As far as the response here...I know you're sorry this happened and you'll forward for review (I've read other post).  I just don't want this happen to anyone else.  I'm almost to the point cancelling this transaction all together because the experience has been so frustrating.  I'm not sure you can make it right.....ksgtrplyr


ksgtrplyr, we certainly appreciated you bringing this issue to our attention.  Your feedback is important and one of my colleagues will be contacting you soon to further discuss this matter with you in greater depth. We appreciate your continued patience as we research your account. ~ Stacy


I have not been contacted....in fact, the lack of response is a true disappointment.  I'm not sure who's in charge there (since you can't get a response) at USAA but clearly there is no management or leadership.  While I know my meager $$ I spend on my insurance won't be a blip on your radar screen but I am moving my business.  It's sad that my 25+ years as a member must come to an end but USAA has changed and I refuse to support an organization that treats its members like I have been treated over this transaction.  So since USAA is pretending I don't exist, we'll just make it official.  It is my intent that at the expiration of my policy in February I will be insured by someone else.

I will share my experience with anyone and everyone I can.  It has truly been the most frustrating experience.  I am beyond upset.

Thank you for the 25 years of good service.  I truly hope this is an isolated case because if this is your new business model, you will run a lot of members off.  After reading some of the dialogue on site, it appears you already have.

signed: A soon to be former member, ksgtrplyr



We regret to hear of your experience. This is not the type of experience we want for our members. I have taken this opportunity to share your concerns with a colleague in the mortgage area who will review and reach out to discuss further. We appreciate the opportunity to further address your concerns. -Gus

We recently had a very poor experience with USAA mortgage services as well. Initially, our mortgage refinance process was off to a good start with excellent customer service from the USAA loan officer. However, the mortgage processor (a contract employee) was another story. She initially reached out to us via email on 10/12/16, requesting additional documentation. I responded to her initial request with the needed paperwork and information on 10/16/16 and 10/20/16. As per the request, I had a water test conducted as soon as possible and sent to her on 11/9/16. Never once did she respond to these emails or confirm receiving the information.


I emailed her twice (on 11/22/16 and 12/7/16) about the status of the refinance. She never responded. I also called her on 12/7 and could not leave a message because her voicemail was full. I finally emailed our initial loan officer yesterday who wrote this: "I see expiration date on your Loan Estimate was 10/7/16. After we obtained your intent to proceed, there were attempts from the loan processor to contact you (email and phone) and remind you about the supporting documents required to process your loan. The file was withdrawn on 10/17 due to incompleteness/no response and because your income supporting documents were not received by the Loan Estimate expiration day."

This is unprofessional and unacceptable. Our mortage processesor did not initially reach out to us until 10/12, after our loan expiration date (which we had never been made aware of). She never responded to my emails and she never reached out to us by email or phone to provide reminders or deadlines for submitting the required information, as USAA purports. I spent hours collecting the detailed information the loan processor requested, as well as money on a water test, and it is all for naught. We will have to restart the entire refinance process, and now interest rates have risen. The blatant diregard for the customer is appalling. I will contact the BBB and consider contacting the Attorney General's office as well.


We understand the importance of this matter.  Please know this is never the experience we want you to have as a member. We apologize for this inconvenience this has caused.  I am reaching out to see if there is any additional information on this matter.  Thanks for your willingness to share your concerns. - Celeste

I hate that you had a terrible service. As a USAA member and as a professional REALTOR I always recommend my folks shop for their mortgage services. I've had too many horror stories happen with my clients when they opt to use USAA mortgage services when purchasing a home or refinancing. There are a lot of great things about USAA, but mortgage services aren't one of them.
I see the mortgage service is still bad for VA loans!!! My experience was a nightmare! I see USAA has done nothing to improve their service in this area. Oh, and my loan was sold off to nationstar, an F rated company iwithin 4 months! Thanks USAA !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm,  I read these posts and thought for sure they can't be that bad.  So I started the process for my 1st home--- with much regret.


I actually thought after all is said and done I would be able to come back a write a positive post about this experience.  Oh well - so far it doesn't look like that will be happening... 


As a matter of fact, I called them to talk to a representative about the loan -- I said I was very upset and I could not get the loan rep on the phone... He kept saying over and over -- I don't believe anyone has been upset with Mary Dudley -- I said over and over -- I am not upset with Mary Dudley -- I am upset because I don't understand why the loan is being denied...But he proceeded to make the above comment loudly into the phone and never hearing what I was saying.. the whole conversation came off like he was laughing at me because they have the power to deny a loan for no true reason.  I still have not received documentation as to why they denied the loan -- they just said it over the phone..  I am so confused..



We regret to hear of your experience. This is not the way we want our members to feel after a mortgage application. I have shared your experience with a colleague who will review your concerns and reach out to discuss further. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. -Gus