If you are offered Personal Touch Services as your preferred contractor, run the other direction. I contracted with them for water mitigation and repair, it was a nightmare. They 1) rarely stuck to the schedule they set; 2) cut off sections of my bathroom that were not impacted by water running up USAA members tab on purpose; 3) performed very sloppy work; 4) cuts all sorts of corners on safety things like electrical, plumbing,etc.; 5) the project manager Nicole had no idea what she was doing, sent painter and floor guy at same time - imagine that. 6) installed tile on tub and shower but clogged shower piping with grout. 7) SOOOOO much more I could list. Bottom line up front, hire your own contractor. For icing on the cake, I was supposed to get an survey to assess the contractor. Magically, they supposedly sent it but didn't because they knew it would be negative. I was told it was sent on a certain date, then told it was never sent, then told they would resend, then told they would send an email version - code for we are going to trash it and it would never be reported, then told emailed version would still be read and action taken - lie. My assessment, I feel the adjuster and others are protecting the contractor and not working in the best interest of the member. Run away from this company or use a different contractor whenever you need to file a claim.


@personal Touch Servi Thank you for sharing your claims experience. I have escalated your concerns to s subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 2 to 3 business days.