I would like to acquire a personal loan through USAA Bank.  I own a home in Rison, Arkansas that is completely paid for, and I would like to know if I can use the home and property as collateral.  I spoke briefly to an agent, however we could not finish the call because he was not familiar with a personal loan using property as collateral.  Please inform me if you can  assist me with a personal loan. My phone number is . If I am not available please leave a message and i will return your call as soon as I possibly can.  Thank You for your assistance.


Clementine Bass


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Thank you for reaching out to us today @Tatetemple, you can certainly apply for a personal loan on USAA.com. Search products> personal loans. Please let us know should you have any other questions. -Emily


Hello @Tatetemple, the type of loan you are referring to is a Home Equity loan. Currently USAA does not offer a Home Equity loan option. We do offer a cash out first mortgage refinance option however closing costs are typically higher than a home equity loan. For more information you can speak to one our licensed mortgage loan officers at 800-531-0341. Thank you!