This is the first time I have been disgusted with USAA.

My current mortgage was initially obtained through USAA and I refinanced with USAA in spite of the loan being sold.


I retired about two years ago and I am moving 2000 miles for a new job.  We found a home and I very much wanted to finance through USAA.  My loan origination processor made mistakes on my application that duplicated my current mortgage and overstated my combined monthly income by over $3K.

I discovered these mistakes when an electronic link to the application disclosure document was sent to me.


I informed the loan processor but he indicated that I had no option but to submit the document with the erroneous statements.  He went on to warn me that I had to click proceed or it would negatively impact the loan.  My loan application is now in abeyance with no further action unless I make false statements.

I am scrambling to secure other financing and dealing nervous sellers and a likely change in closing.


I absolutely refuse to lie on an application because of the mistakes by the processor.

I am disgusted enough to cancel USAA insurance on 4 vehicles and my home. 


You can't make this up.
In spite of my demands for a corrected copy they chose to proceed and ordered an appraisal.  Then I received a document that with signature, would authorize USAA to contact employers.  Again I demanded to see the corrected loan application first.  They contacted the employers anyway! 


Disgruntled E-9 and previous USAA Member for life.




We regret to hear of your experience with your mortgage loan. This is not the type of service we expect for our members. I have shared your comments with a colleague who will review your experience and reach out to discuss further. Thank you. -Gus

Thanks Gus,

At this point it would take a miracle to salvage my mortgage application.
I have 5 companies a day trying to get me to choose them.

I shouldn't have to beg to get duplicate and incorrect entries off my mortgage application.
Shouldn't there be an opportunity to review the processors work before the point of no return?
Why in the world would someone loan me money with my current mortgage duplicated on the application????