One month to go...and praying (that we'll hear from USAA)

We're due to close August 15 but in spite of several emails and voicemails over the last several weeks left with our loan processor, we have had NO RESPONSE as to the status update.  We've asked what more we need to do, we've sent everything we can - but no reply by phone or email or even any acknowledgment that our messages were received.


The To-Do list remains with items on it that don't apply, and items we have responded to don't get updated even though it's been weeks.  The electronic signing does not work AT ALL, and it's been that way for weeks without getting fixed.


I should have read these reviews earlier.  I've been with USAA for well over 20 years for many of their products and have had one mortgage through them that went well, so we decided on them for this one too.  But our experience so far has been less than stellar (to say the least) and is placing even more strain on our lives what with moving and changing jobs, and now added to that everything up in the air with the mortgage uncertainties and no reassurances, no replies, no nothing from our loan processor!


Given our mortgage experience up to today if there is a next time, we won't be choosing USAA for any mortgages and we'll have to re-think the rest too.




This is not the experience we want you to have with our Mortgage services. We can certainly understand your frustration at not receiving adequate communication regarding your closure documents. Please email us your member number, a number you can be reached and details of your situation to We will put someone in contact with you as soon as possible to ensure we have everything we need to help your closure happen on time. Thank you.



Of course this is not the experience USAA wants Tim2001 to have. My question has to be, why is he having it and so many others? What is being done to fix this ongoing issue. 

I'm in the process of buying a home, and because of these negative experiences, I felt I needed to go to another source. USAA has so many good programs, why does this Mortgage program, including the Movers Advantage that I tried and found pretty much useless, continue to give USAA a "black eye"? I always see you respond in the same way, but it always seems to be the same issue; no communication with the personnel processing the paperwork.


Please inform me, as well as so many others what is being done to resolve this and other issues in regards to USAA Mortgage. It may not be too late, I could still work with USAA. Although it's been two weeks and I still haven't heard back from my Movers Advantage coorinator. 

I am deployed to Afghanistan and want to buy my aunt's house.  I thought it would be simple to use USAA.  I too had a very negative experience with USAA's Movers Advantage--three times!  Thanks for everyone's input.  As a member for 40 years, I have become less impressed with USAA due to several bad experiences not including the Mover's Advantage.  I have also decided to take my sizable retirement 401K and put it other than USAA--which would have been my original first choice.


Again, thank you for the feedback on USAA mortgages.  I will go out on the internet and find a new  lender.




I found it so much easier to work with a Lender in the area. I met face to face, he went over the paperwork with me and explained in great detail. I had my home inspection done, and the next day he had the VA Appraiser out there. I went from nixing the Movers Advantage program and a buyers agent, to calling the listing agent directly and purchasing the home. It's not necessary to have realtor representation in most cases, depending on where you live. Everything can be found found on the county website in your area. I knew more about the home than the realtor would ever know, and probably more than the homeowner.

Conduct your own DD, and you will find homebuying a great experience without all the hassles.