Oh my god! Horrible, unethical behavior by USAA regarding a claim!!

I bought a home about 1 year ago. Inspected thoroughly and all minor repairs made prior to closing/move-in. This year, my area of Indiana had several tornados and some residents in my small town had significant hail damage to their roofs. Shortly  after the last storm, I noticed something black, smoke-like along an inner kitchen wall. Turns out it was mildew so I contacted a contractor who also recommended I contact a plumber even though I was worried that some small roof damage had caused a big problem. Turns out it was a pinpoint break in the water line to my refrigerator's icemaker in addition to hail damage to roof. USAA adjuster put both problems on one claim. The Call Center separated them and told me that the adjuster would have to revise his submission. That never happened even though I requested a  reponse. I did get a check in the mail for partial roof  coverage which I returned. When I questioned USAA's  response to the hail claim and not the damage to the kitchen, I was put on hold then accidentally disconnected. Eventually, USAA/ xxxxx Property-Cxxxx USAA General Indemnity Company called me  back and started questioning me about the time span as to when I noticed the wall changes. I said overnight; it wasn't there the previous day.  More questions followed then Ms. xxxxx stated that USAA does not cover damage due to water greater than 14 days out from an issue. She concluded that my kitchen/refrigerator issue had to be greater than 14 days because of what  the pictures looked liked! I was dumbfounded! I had not lived in a home with wetness everwhere but I did not press the issue. I asked for my policy in written and email form. My plans are to have this  situation and USAA's reponse to it  reviewed by every legal and consumer complaint avenue I can unearth.


Ms. Neville's  assessment is ridiculous; USAA refusing to pay is ridiculously unethical. I don't know how long it takes mildew or mold to develop but I have not lived in this home watching wet changes develop in my kitchen as USAA is suggesting. I have had NO water change pressures, no  repeated illness, no URIs to suggest that I was living with a long term seeping water  problem.


I want USAA to cover this damage.  Anything short of  not doing so is absolutely  outrageous.







We can see how this was a frustrating process you had to go through and It is never our intent for you to feel like this. I have contacted a business expert who will be reaching out to you to alleviate your concerns. – Mike

In dampness, it can take only 48 hours for mold to develop. And it can spread fast if remediation isn't applied quickly. 


If the home inspection came back clean, and they don't actually tear down walls to find mold, the claim should be good unless excluded somehow. Insurance policies are filled with legal loopholes tho.