I truly advocated for USAA services. All the way in NY..I thought it made perfect sense to go with USAA cuz' all the other banks within walking distance lacked professionalism. Sadly...I was wrong. I believe I went into contract around September 22nd. My loan officer is heaven sent, Melissa XXXXXXX. She has walked me through EVERYTHING. Then the moment I get to my mortgage processor....I couldn't refrain from questioning the chances of ever owning a home. Let's just say it was not the request for last minute paper work that annoyed me, because I suspected they'd want everything I could give short of my dna. But the LACK OF COMMUNICATION was just ridiculous. My mortgage processor would literally wait til 4:45pm to call me to let know something. Due to her lack of communication I literally called every hour on the hour and would find out things I needed to give in from the mortgage reps who answered the general line. I literally contacted the Executive Resolutions Team every other day. She let an ENTIRE week go by before she informed me the numerous attempts they made to verify employment. Considering they were faxing to wrong numbers didn't give her the inclination to question maybe I had knowledge of direct contacts. She never answers her phone. It got to a point where she let me kbow exactly what was on her mind, and I let her know exactly what was on my mind. That was oyr longest conversation. Towards the latter now and they sort of "passed" me to a peer...and he has made me feel more secure in one week than she has done in several. I don't question her skills but quite frankly she could very well be over tasked but like I told her this is a job, this is what you do. My interest rate lock expires Nov. 21. Got a clear to close Nov. 18. But I'm too scared to get excited...waiting for them to say "got cha".

Discouraged Home Buyer


Thank you for reaching out to us Jasminsow1, I have engaged a subject matter expert to review your concern. ~ Lori

From my experience with the Executive Resolution team is that they quote back everything that I already know about the loan.  They did not "resolve" anything or answer my questions.  I got the "got cha" call today, a day after my closing date as listed in my Closing Disclosure documents.  


What is going on in the underwriting department of USAA's contractor GenPact?  I provided all their requested documents over a month ago and they decided yesterday that my requested loan refinance was a no-go!


I have not heard a single apology from USAA.  All I hear is "well this office, or that office, or they didn't get the documents until yesterday." 


Just like Jasminsow1, I champion USAA when I talk to my peers.  In 19+ years, I have never had a problem with auto insurance or car loans.  My first time with the mortgage department, and I feel as if I am their very first customer and they are clueless in the process just as I am.