We just paid off our USAA home mortgage. I had the payoff amount as specified by Ocwen wire transferred on May 1. Then on May 2, Ocwen took out our regular automatic payment! I've now called twice; On May 8, I was told the overage will be transferred back in to my checking account in 24-72 hours. On May 15, I was told the overage check will be cut in 15 BUSINESS days! I might get the check by the end of the month at this rate! What thieves USAA hires to service their mortgage loans! I understand the overage check depending on when you pay off your loan. This was money they took out mistakenly and it's going to take 15 Business days?? USAA had better choose another servicer, or we're not going to get another USAA home mortgage loan.


Thanks for reaching out to us LucindaKeller! From the information you provided, it sounds like the automatic payment was already processing when the payoff amount was wired to Ocwen. If the processing already began, there wouldn't be an opportunity to stop it. I'm going to engage a subject matter expert to take a closer look at what happened. Once we have additional information, we will reach out to you. -Marisa