There has been some disturbing news about OCWEN, USAA's mortgage service provider, being investigated for a variety of unfair practices. This is not the first time OCWEN has come under scrutiny for unfair practices. In fact, OCWEN has been identified by numerous clients for its predatory practices, including charging exorbitant fees, fees for non-provided or non-existing services, and imposing questionable violations on its customers.


USAA has chosen NOT to mention this investigation to its members, and especially those who have mortgage accounts with OCWEN. In doing so, USAA is allowing a significant number of its members to become extremely vulnerable to whatever this investigation uncovers. Many members stand to lose their investment/homes if OCWEN continues to unfairly prey on its clients as alleged by the investigators. 


Originally, I spoke with USAA when I refinanced my loan, about my concerns about OCWEN. The USAA Rep gaffed off my concerns and stated that I was "locked into" the loan. If I wanted to refinance, I had to pay thousands of dollars extra, or seek the services of another company.


My mortgage is paid three months in advance, yet my monthly mortgage note keeps increasing, despite my efforts to keep the original monthly payment stable.  I spoke with an OCWEN Rep who stated that if I sent the company an extra  $489. My monthly mortgage note would remain stable. Although my online statement noted the receipt of the payment, my mortgage note DID NOT revert back to the agreed upon amount.


I am certain, especially now, that OCWEN was not properly vetted by USAA, and now, with this investigation underway, I have fears that my mortgage contract has been among those that were compromised by these practices. I have a concern that USAA does not have any mortgage account protection measures for its members, should OCWEN be found negligent in its provision of services to its USAA clients.


I am concerned that i am not alone with these fears .I am hoping that by using this forum, USAA will respond and my concerns (below) can (or will) be addressed;





If this forum is not receptive to my concerns, then I will seek other avenues.




Earl W. Phillips, Jr., CDR USNR (Retired)



Thanks for your coments and I think your concerns are valid, but I hate to say that it seems that all Big Money companies stick togather and none of them will tell on the other. I too have a OCWEN mortgage and I am to wooried



1. First of all, Ocwen is not the only single Mortgage Service Provider used by USAA as shown here.


2. Secondly, there are serious problems in the whole Mortgage Service Provider "industry" as indicated by this report titled Consumers lodge thousands of complaints about firms that service mortgages.


3. If you are having problems with your Mortgage Service Provider then click on the following EXTERNAL LINKS:


I hope I have helped someone.

Thank you sir,


I to have OCWEN servicing my loan and was not aware of their shady practises.


I will definately start reseaching the investigation you speak of, before I google sir, what sites do you recommend reference your post.


I can't  afford to loose my family home, I was just medically retired from the wounded warrior unit April 2013.


Thanks sir and GOD speed.


Izy Veguillacruz




Izy (Everybody);


Here are some EXTERNAL LINKS that are related to Post Subject:


  • Click here to find additional information about Ocwen Mortgage Consumer Complaints.
  • Have a issue with Ocwen? Then you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or by using their Online Complaint Assistant.

Keeping Members Informed...

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about our mortgage provider. We want to make sure that we have one of our contacts in mortgage review your file to see if there's something we can do to help. Please let us know the best way to reach you along with a few additional details about your situation here: As soon as we receive this information from you we will have a team member review your file. We hope to hear from you soon. 

I saw the news about OCWEN on an Al Jazeera America show called "Real Money with Ali Velshi", where the host interviewed the chief investigator. This news was also ticker-taped on CNN and MSNBC. It only took one click on Google to get the details about the investigation.


I reviewed my account with OCWEN over the last quarter, and noticed that for some reason my escrow accouint was practically zero. When I asked about the discrepancy-especially when I was doubling my mortgage payments, I was told that there were increases in the payouts from the escrow account.  


I'm going through my own records to check to see where, when, and how this abrupt decrease in my account occurred.


E. Phillips

I am extremely disatisfied with my Ocwen mortgage.  It seems my costs keep going up and I don't think my taxes are (although I live in MA).  I just returned from a mobilization to Africa only to find that Ocwen has changed their website, improperly charged me and now my account is in limbo.  I called a Ocwen customer service representative and they were not able to answer my question. 


I understand that USAA bundled all their mortgages and sold them to GMAC and they then, in turn, sold them to Ocwen but isn't there something that USAA can do?  Recommend another mortgage company that can help with closing costs?  I don't want to blame USAA but did they properly vet GMAC to know that they were going under?  Did USAA try to recoup the loans and actively search for another mortgage provider?  Even if this is not their job, can they recommend another mortgage company with competitive rates and try to make the member whole by covering the closing costs.  Why should the member suffer as a result of trusting USAA.  I'm a 20+ year member.


Ocwen is simply the WORST.  I could fill this page with complains.  Enough...


Any help from USAA would be appreciated. 


Very respectfully,


CDR Stan Duplaga

Call USAA Mortgage and let them know what is going on.  I did and had our mortgage refinanced with USAA at a lower interest rate ending with a lower mortgage.


I didn't know who to call when I got to mad with Ocwen and told them I was going to report them to USAA.  Even though the homes are financed with Ocwen, they have to follow USAA rules.


It is worth calling them .


Hope you can get this straightened out.  I don't trust Ocwen.




USAA did not vet OCWEN according to my research and queries to USAA. I first encountered the OCWEN disreputation while watching a financial program called "Real Money with Ali Veshi" on Al Jazeera. Subsequent revews of my mortgage account, showed discrepancies that neither OCWEN nor USAA were willing to resolve. Finally after launching several "spirited" concerns on their gatekeeping bureaucracy, I was able to get some satisfactory answers.


My dilemma is that I've paid my mortgage about three months in advance.OCWEN will not apply any subsqeuent payments beyond three months according to an obscure rule they invented to discourage mortgagees from building a cushion against hard times OR from lowering my mortgage payments. Despite my additional payments and "principle only" payments, my mortgage note has increased. This indicate to me that OCWEN does not have its customer's best interests in mind (hence their phone caveat that they are a collection agency, not a pro-customer enterprise).


Do NOT expect the USAA mortgage bureaucracy to go to bat for you, unless you send several letters to the General who's running  USAA . Expect the USAA gatekeeping bureaucracy to go catatonic whenever OCWEN issues are mentioned. You should not be surprised at the various excuses this bureaucracy has in its repertoire to keep you confused, frustrated, uninformed, and on the verge of falling into their various "fees and penalty" traps. 


I am monitoring my OCWEN Account very closely as I have developed a different strategy for tracking where my payments are going.


As a USAA member for over 30 years, I find that USAA is still the tops in looking out for those who served. However their mortgage department is in desperate need of a comprehensive overhaul and reform. They are not on the same page with the rest of USAA.

That's my rant.

Ol Ret Guy