Across the board, I can't begin to say how poorly USAA is performing.  I've a 43-year member.  Have always had banking, investing, home and auto through USAA but now shopping options to move it all.  It was amazing when I joined in the 70s.  Now it is just a huge bureaucracy without the customer service or even care for members.  Rates are not competive.  I have finally determined there is no reason to stay, and I hope usaa can once again find its way  


Hello there and we are sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. We understand the seriousness of the situation. We have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

Why is the USAA response always along the lines of "Sorry to hear this, I will forward to a specialist"?  Why are the specialist responses not publicized?

Thanks for reaching out. We have many different teams and each focused on specific areas generally. Here in the social arena we will steer questions to the appropriate area on occasion. If you double back to previous posts, you will see the answers publicly if possible. I am however going to submit your feedback on this. Thanks again! ~Tom

Agreed.  Unfortunately bundled all products in USAA so it has been a challenge to leave them, but am in the process of moving all assets to somewhere that doesn't just claim to support members, they actually do support members.  No resolution, no assistance, it is time to go.


I completely concur. They’ve completely spent my loyalty with their indifference, lack of care, and lack of trustworthy behavior. Something has happened in the last five years. They’re not the same company.

It really is AMAZING how many of us old customers with over 40 years have rarely interacted with USAA.  I guess we were honest and fair and put in way less "claims" than most.  Well, When we finally end up with a claim after 40 years we find out how difficult, obstinate, difficult, and greedy this company has become over the years.  Sad. You need to be ashamed of yourselves USAA.  Oh AND  i forgot to mention their censorship, which I abhor.  Members (owners) of a military based company, should have the RIGHT to not have their posts censored!!!!!

@Icarus, we appreciate your long-term membership, and I hate to hear that you have had a poor experience. I am here to help, so I am asking a business specialist to research your matter further. They will contact you to discuss your concerns with the handling of your claim. Please expect contact within 3-4 business days. Thanks again for reaching out to us. -LeKisha

@Icarus, Know what you mean about being censored. It happens to many of us. I've had quite a few of mine removed by moderators. I know because of the number of posts that are now shown on my profile. It doesn't bother me that much anymore. A lot of other websites to the same thing. Besides, they're giving me the motivation I need to start looking elsewhere for my insurance needs. Three years ago, USAA was kind enough to give me the right motivation to terminate all my banking/financial business relationship with them after about 35yrs. Won't bore you with the details. I didn't let that fact that I had everything with them deter me from making the change. It was actually easy. You just have to be patient with the process. Investments/IRAs went to Vanguard and bank/CD/CCs to a credit union. Had been with them since the 70s. Took over $675K with me along with my three monthly direct deposits. 😉

Couldn't agree more. Over 2 decades with USAA for all our financial and insurance needs and we file our first ever Homeowners claim for property damage and they have treated us like garbage. Spent the last month consulting my Attorney and shopping around for a new place to move all of my assets. USAA (at least the insurance side of the house) is an absolute disgrace. Shame.