So I called USAA because my family is preparing to purchase a larger home. I learned that you can’t use your VA loan option to purchase another house even though your current house is paid off. You are expected to sell your current house before you can use your VA loan benefits again. Talk about getting screwed over by the VA. But the best part is when I was told this I said OK, I would like a conventional loan. USAA stated that “They are not doing conventional loans”. What kind of cr@p is that? First the VA penalizes someone for paying off a mortgage by preventing them from using a VA loan to buy another house, then USAA won’t do a conventional loan. I have been with this company since 1997, I have financed all my cars through them, I use Them for my primary banking, and I have dealt with them raising my auto and homeowners insurance every dang year, and now I have to use another bank to finance my new home purchase? This is ridiculous. I guess it’s time to start shopping around for a different institution for my banking and insurance needs.


I understand your frustration and please know that although we are currently not offering conventional loans at this time, we will be bringing them back at a later date. We value your membership and hope to be of service to you in the future.