I am in the process of getting a mortgage through USAA. I probably should have listed to all the negative reviews but it's too late for that now. 


My mortgage officer was helpful at first. Then he would not return emails or EVER answer his phone. After I managed to get though to someone else I was able to get my mortgage application to processing. This was a week after it was just sitting in his office not doing anything. 


My mortgage processer has has been helpful so far and daily easy to contact. She advised me of what I needed and what needed to happen. 


Now we we are waiting on an appraisal. This is what really makes me mad. It was ordered 3 weeks ago. No one has contacted the sellers agent or my agent even though USAA records says they are waiting for a call back. Usaa uses service link. I tried calling them and they are ABSOLUTELY no help and won't tell you a single thing. This appraisal is going to make us not close on time because they won't contact anyone to set it up. Usaa and service link will also not give you the contact info for the appraiser so you can't call them. 


We we will see what happens but I am for sure going to miss my closing date. 


Brian6.7, we understand the seriousness of your concerns and regret to hear about your mortgage experience so far. This is not the type of experiences we want for our members. Your concerns will be sent to our team for further review. Please be assured a follow up will be made  to discuss this further. Thank you. - Rhonda

@Brian6.7   If you miss your closing date, do not allow USAA to tack on any additional fees because they did not do their due diligence.  In fact if I remember my information correctly you can walk away from the table and not pay a thing to USAA (loan application, appraisal fees, etc) if they did not follow through as they should have (information courtesy of mortgage officer at USAA back when we were having problems with the closing date on our refi).  


 Of course the down side is that you still have to find a mortgage somewhere or lose your down payment. 


@USAA - You have been hearing this song and dance a lot.  No one in the industry is going to want to work with USAA between the discouraged members and the frustrated real estate agents sending out bad vibes about your lack of responsiveness.  I have been there, done that and believe I would never go down that road again.   In fact, I normally do not make it a habit to malign on a social media site but USAA you have not been up to par these past few years. 


I FINALLY got in contact with someone at service link, the only appriasal company that USAA uses. They told me that the appraiser they assigned was on vacation. It seems like this is an important piece of information since we are supposed to be closing in a WEEK. The appraisal was ordered 2 WEEKS ago and it has yet to be scheduled. This is the only thing that is holding the closing up. 


The woman at service link I spoke to, who is the only person who works there who will actually tell you anything without saying call you lender, was suprised that it had not been scheduled yet and would try to find another appraiser who could do it soon. 


We will see how it works out. So far im very displeased.



Thank you for sharing your experience in the Community. Your comments have been escalated with a colleague in the Mortgage department for review and response. They will research your experience and reach out to discuss further. We look forward to the opportunity to address your concerns. Thank you. -Gus

After getting in touch with my mortgage processor and getting the right story from the 3rd party appraiser, we were able to get the appraisal done today. I am very pleased how hard she has worked to get this done. She has been very helpful and has done everything she could to help speed this process along. 


After a rocky start it seems it has started to go smoother. Since the appraisal was done today we should be able to close close to the target closing date. 



Thank you for the update and feedback, Brian6.7. I'm glad to hear that things are going more smoothly now. We are here to assist in any way possible, so please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns. Thank you for your membership and congratulations on your upcoming home purchase. -Meredith

Well we managed to close. We closed 2 weeks after the closing date set by USAA and my mortgage officer (who was horrible at answering phone calls, emails, or even sending my application to proccessing on time). Once I got to the Mortgage proccessor communication was slightly better. I still think its absolutly ridiculous that you can NEVER get anyone on the phone without contacting managment. Their voicemails even say allow up to 48 HOURS for a return call. I had to call constantly to push USAA to process the application and do what THEY needed to get done (appraisal, paperwork etc) on time (I called every few days to make sure it was going well). I submitted all info that was asked of me within an hour of them requesting it so I didnt slow this process down. USAA was still barley able to close by my contract end date (which was not the original date set by USAA to close). The company they use for appraisals is also horrible about communication. First they claim they tried to get in touch with both the sellers agent and my agent and were waiting to hear back to schedule the appraisal. They never called either agent (I made sure the numbers they had were correct and they were). Then when they finally "scheduled" the appraisal then I come to find out that that appraiser is out of town for 2 weeks. After numerous calls I finally got the appraisal scheduled 3 WEEKs after usaa ordered it. I have no doubt if I wouldnt of called constantly we would not have closed by the end of the contract and would have lost the house. USAA also used the Unoccupied/second home property tax rate for the inital down payment and escrow. This is 4 times higher than the rate that I will actually pay. I will never use USAA again for a mortgage and reccomend to everyone looking for a mortgage company to look elsewhere based on their horrible communication and lack of customer service. 

I will never use any USAA services again. The only people more grossly negligent on doing their jobs than the USAA mortgage team is NATIONSTAR. They cant even update my estimated property taxes when the county sends them the estimate. They decide that they know better and will choose what they think the taxes will be. I will be refinancing ASAP as I should have never gone through with the USAA mortgage. Steer clear of a USAA mortgage. All the negative reviews and you think they would change something. It is clear they dont care about the customer and just want your moeny. 



It's disappointing to hear you feel this way. We recognize the seriousness of this matter. I have escalated your concerns to a representative who will work with Nationstar and reach back out to you in order to provide a resolution. We hope to be able to regain your trust in USAA. Thank you. -Gus