I've been a member of USAA for a long time. My first mortgage experience with USAA was awesome. My current mortgage experience is not getting off to a great start. I received my pre-approval (after reading member posts, its just a pre-qualification) for a VA loan. I found a home and submitted all the requested paperwork immediately. I received a call a couple of days later requesting the paperwork I had already sent. Two weeks later I received a phone call stating I didn't qualify for the VA Loan because I had an existing policy and new home cost was to low for additional benefits. The Certification of Eligibility should have been one of the 1st documents they pulled. It should not have taken 2 weeks to get this information. Now I have to submit a new application for a conventional loan and I can't keep my original closing date. I don't understand why, they already have all my information and an appraisal was already completed on the property. Now I have to try to reschedule my leave and flights to adjust for the new closing date. I just hope this is the end of the bad experiences.


Hello Sweet92,


Than you for commenting in the community. I have sent your comments and concerns over to a mortgage specialist for review. Someone will be in touch with you directly, thank you.