So my wife and I have been married 10 years and during this process we started building a house out of pocket to live that dream of not owing anybody it’s been a couple years we decide to break down and get a construction loan to finish unfortunately no institutions would help us because we’ve already started building the house we got lucky and found a local bank branch They gave us a construction loan to finish sounds great right!
Well I received a draw check for around $17,000 deposited it via my mobile deposit app and they put a lot of it on hold with USAA I called USAA explain the situation and they release the money sounds great right!
Well lo and behold I got another check draw on the construction loan for $9800 deposited it yesterday and now there’s a hold on $4800 of it I called USAA again to get it released and now they are telling me that it’s computer-generated and there’s nothing they can do that humanity and integrity and doing the right thing doesn’t matter anymore on money that I’m paying interest on to another financial institution for a house I’m trying to build that USAA now is holding me up from doing how crazy is that what happened to humanity and integrity and doing the right thing for your constituents and your customers most asinine thing I’ve ever heard!!!! They say they can’t release it because it hasn’t been 90 days since they released the last time absolutely ridiculous now I’m paying interest on money that sits there while USAA makes money and I’ve got a wait again get it fixed depositors beware!!!!!!
Disgusted and tread on!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡


@21YArmyengineer, we are sorry to hear of the experience and would like to have this reviewed.  We have located your account and will ensure your feedback is reviewed, 

I would leave USAA.