So after reading all these posts I am becoming a little leary of your mortgage dept as well.  Last year we did the pre-approval but did not purchase a home and opted to rent for awhile to learn our new community.  We are now interested in purchasing but want to sicuss a few things prior to starting all the credit hurdles etc.  I can't even get a call back from a mortgage specialist!  I always get the "no one available" message even when putting in the callback information for them to call me to avoid the 45 minutes in the que.  Are there even any mortgage specialists?



We can certainly understand your frustration, especially when expecting to receive a callback. We apologize that our representative has not followed up thus far. We do value your membership and want to ensure you receive the callback with the information you requested. If you can please email us at, include your member number, situation and a good number to contact you. Please make the subject: mortgage specialist request. Thank you.

Don't buy it.  I just started the mortgage process and they're  unresponsive.  They say you'll get a response on a certain day, then you don't.  They have a neat list of 'to do' tasks but then when you submit stuff they don't update it.


I love USAA and use them for everything, but I wish I took my mortgage business elsewhere.  I'm seriously considering just forfeiting my $350 fee and working through someone else.


I have other companies emailing me asking to help and begging for my business, but I can't get an email back from my loan processor from the company I'm paying to do the job. 


I am so sorry to hear you are not getting the service you need and should. Please email us at [Removed Link], include your member number, situation and a good number to contact you. Thank you.

I just did.  Wish I didn't have to complain on a message board to get a response.

How many times he would email you? You know the situation, why he has to email you? Take actions