No Longer a Member

As USAA members for over 25 years, we expected an efficient and fair resolution of our homeowners claim. Instead, we were met with resistance and insincerity, but most importantly, we were left without a fair resolution. The process left us so dissatisfied with USAA and the way we were treated, that we left the company, something inconceivable just five years ago.
From the first claims person, to the director and even the CEO’s office, each person dismissed us, not wanting to deal with our situation. We left messages that were never returned. We were told things that were untrue. The hours and hours spent trying to resolve this matter with USAA made the entire process beyond frustrating. The overall experience in making that claim was the final straw and the impetus for us to separate from USAA. As longtime members who once believed in USAA as a company, the diminish of the quality of customer service is astounding.
USAA’s slogan “Members for Life,” is something we believed would be the case with us, however couldn't be further from the truth. USAA’s slogan could very well be, “Members for Life…until you make a claim.”


@No Longer a Member, I really hate to hear of your concerns with how your Homeowners claim was handled. I have located the claim and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be in contact with you during normal business hours. Thank you.

It is much much more than the claims department being understaffed or not knowing. I had issues all the way up to the Office of the President. It just amazed me how unethical they treat a long time loyal customer. Once they actually had to pay for a claim, they turned the other way.


The poor service just continues.  They promised to escalate this to a subject matter expert.  I still have not heard from USAA.

Why does everything at USAA have to be elevated to a "subject matter expert"?  If the customer service employees at USAA had been properly trained subject matter experts wouldn't be needed.  This is an ongoing, systemic management problem that won't be solved until the CEO is fired.

The reality is that the claims department is severely understaffed and the a lot of tenured, myself included have left. I don’t think anyone intentionally lied to you: it was probably more of case that they didn’t know.

I still have not heard from anyone at USAA.  According to the following response 2 weeks ago, I should have been contaced by now.  "I have located the claim and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be in contact with you during normal business hours. Thank you."  


Again, this is USAA promising and not delivering.  What a shame that USAA is such a poorly run company now.  They are meerly the company that they once were.

Hi, I am experiencing an issue myself and was wondering if you would mind elaborating a bit a bout your situation? We had a snow storm and when the snow and ice started melting water began pouring into a couple of closets in my house. I started the claim and had a company come out to start they demo, drying and restoration work. This leak was ongoing during the day. At night it would freeze and stop leaking. On the same day I had the restoration company come I had a roofing company come and perform an emergency repair to mitigate any further damage. USAA would not reimburse me for the emergency repair even though my decision mitigated any further damage which saved them money as the ongoing damage was stopped. The adjuster said maybe something cheaper could have been done like put a tarp down to stop the leak. I mean really, a tarp would keep any rain water falling from the sky out but nothing was going to stop the melting snow and ice from entering my home except an actual small repair. I have been with USAA for 22 years myself and it looks like I no longer will, be over a small matter of $650, no way to treat a loyal member that made a decision in good faith saving the company money.

@should leave also, I am terribly sorry to hear about your experience with your homeowners claim and I want to have your concerns looked into. I have located your claim and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert to review. They will then reach out to you. Thank you.

I know how you feel. I had a roof issue due some storm damage which caused my shingles to deteriorate and some were blown off and were damaged. I tried for a year to work the claim and they even  sent an engineer (paid by USAA of course) to evaluate the roof. After the report (following USAA guidelines) it was stated the roof was fine with little to know damage. I was finally tired of the bickering and paid for a new roof. Now I get a new home owners insurance policy that went up over $300.00 for the year. Been with the company around 20 years and they have never paid out a claim and my insurance goes up $300.00 this year but has gone up on my auto and home every year for the last 5+ years. Less service, higher prices, more TV ads and bigger pay for the CEO. I say when time to vote for directors don't throw away the paper, vote them and the CEO out. They care less about those who served or are serving and more about profits.


Retired and Concerned

Hello @Retired & Concerned, I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert for review. -Colleen