USAA has been completely incompetent during my mortgage process and I've already started looking elsewhere in case it falls through. To start when i called the loan originator and asked how much closing costs would be on the home they told me between 7-9k so i negotiated with the seller to have them cover 8k, after i signed the agreement usaa told me the closing costs would be 15.5k!!! How did it jump that much?! The explanation given to me was that they didn't know the specifics of the house, state, price, etc...when i explained to them that i had given them all of that info they told me they were unsure how it happened. Once it was transferred to loan processing I received 1 call from the processor, i missed the call and called back the next day only to find out that the processor was on vacation until afrer all of my paper was due!!! I called her supervisor and her supervisors supervisor everyday fir a week and left messages but never heard from them or received a call back...still waiting. I even had a lady from another usaa department try and contact them but she couldn't get through to anyone after trying for 30 mins. This has truly been a horrible experience and if i lose this home because of usaa i will undoubtedly change banks. Theres really no point in using usaa for anything now, their home owners and vehicle insurance are sky high compared to the compitition so the only thing usaa had going for it before was their customer service and even that seems to be gone...unbelievable


Dear Kevinm0331,

Thank you for taking the time to post. I apologize for the difficulty you have had reaching your loan processor. I have sent your comments over to a mortgage specialist who will be reaching out to you personally.

Wow you just answer my question i guess not gonna use ussa for a home loan