There are horror stories out there about the new loan process albeit our experience was successful.


Yes the pre-approval process was a breeze.  Several times we adjusted the loan amount with USAA reacting quickly to our requests.  As we were looking to relocate out of state, we knew there would be stressors.  We quickly realized we needed to be to present in our new state for events to run smooth and quickly. Advice: have all pertinent documents ready.


When we found our home we notified USAA and the process began.  We were given a 45 day processing time and USAA honored it.  The processing time is the longest part of the new loan process.  Accumulation of documents whether it be via scan & email or mailing in copies takes time.  Verification by us of the documentation processing was an ongoing task.  Our loan processor excelled with this loan.


We learned alot, most importantly there are several entities at work during the processing of an application.  Realtors, USAA, assessors, surveyors, inspectors.  A lot of duties had to be accomplished to get us in the house.  Yes, we were asked for duplicate (sometimes more) document copies, but the tasks were completed, remember it's about time. Sometimes, we used the realtors office to send/receive Fed-Ex, mail, and scan/email documents.


Closing day was exactly 45 days as promised.  It was a several hour event, drained us but exciting. Now we are in our home, thanks to USAA. 


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Thank you for sharing your experience with us and our members. This is what we love to hear! We are always happy to take care of you. Thank you for the shout out; have a great morning!