Never use USAA for refinance

As a 40 year member of USAA we have had insurance, car loans, mortgages, etc with USAA with little or no problems until now.   At the time of refinance the property taxes were not paid, the insurance was incorrectly billed as homeower pays rather than escrow.   I have no complaints about NationStar, contacted them and they actually worked with me.  The personnel in the USAA mortgage department, including mid and upper level supervisors, were more interested in placing blaim than actually fixing the problem.  It has been 10 days now since we last talked to someone at USAA, who said they would get back to us ASAP.   NationStar has  followed up 3 times and fixed part of the problem.  

Seriously looking at moving all accounts from USAA.

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@oldster, Hello, we will be escalating your issue to one of our processing managers to help resolve the situation. -DG

Sorry but I am laughing at that.   The person who was supposed to be helping us and her supervisor last contacted us on

July 1.   The problems have been solved by my wife and Nationstar with USAA being unhelpful the entire time.