My neighbor has a very large pine tree. I estimate it's about 40 feet, maybe a little more and maybe a little less. This tree is about two feet over on his property line. I am concerned if this tree falls, due to the angle it's leaning and the weight of the branches, it's going to hit my house. My house is the gray house in the picture. Our winds go West to East. In theory, the tree should land in his yard, but with the weight of the branches towards my house, who knows. I suspect if the tree does fall, it will take out my garage and maybe part of my living room. I would like an opinion on how to prevent this from happening and prevent a home owner's claim. I talked to my neighbor, he has only been their a few months. He seems nice and reasonable. He has had another tree removed from his property. I asked him about the tree I am concerned about and he said, you can cut it down. Since it is his tree, I have no authority to do so. Should I ask him to split the cost? Should I just have an arborist come look at it for a recommendation? It's a constant concern for me. The last thing I ever want is an insurance claim and increased premiums, so if I had to split the cost with him it may be worth it in the long run. Any suggestions would be appreciated. IMG_0064.jpgIMG_0074.jpgIMG_0071-1.jpgIMG_0073-1.jpg 


I can definitely understand your concern regarding your neighbor's tree, @Sphere360. We need to gather additional information regarding the situation. I have noted your account with your concerns and the details you've provide. Please give us a call at 800-531-8722 or chat with a specialist by selecting your policy from your accounts page and clicking "Contact USAA" on the to right-hand corner. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you! -Cynthia 

Call another insurance company. USAA is 100% useless