Negative Review - Real estate rewards program never posted

At the end of 2016 when going through the process of selling one home and purchasing another I decided to use the Real Estate Reward Network through USAA. I ended up selecting an agent from Better Homes and Gardens and for much of the engagement, it was a disaster (not by fault of USAA) but by an agent only interested in devoting her time to home sale where her commissions are greater.


The program works by giving you money back on sale and purchase and agents take the business because its bulk sales even with marginal commission. The problem therein lies that agents getting less commission don't work as hard for you...and mine was a disaster. My agent always forgot stuff, failed to review contracts (putting me in negative situations) was a tough time when I had only a small window of time to execute.


Well, after the whole debacle was over I both wrote up detailed feedback to USAA AND posted feedback to USAA rewards network for what you should be cautious of....and USAA never posted that valuable feedback....which leads me to believe that overall USAA is a corporation and like corporations, have their own best interest in mind and are unconcerned with sharing the facts that will give you the right feedback (based on other members) to make the most informed decision. I had to micro-manage my agents the whole time because she would forget to engage, not read contracts, not verify prospective buyer financing which compromised my contingency time, leaves on vacation leaving stuff undone, it was a mess...was by far the worst experience ever to the point I will sell my own home without an agent in the future. The couple of thousand dollars I received back was not worth the heartburn and upset that was left in the wake of the agent who touted they were such great salespeople (in it for themselves) but had a half baked delivery.


Further, what frustrates me the most is USAA withholds that type of feedback from other users seeing it. What good are ratings if they are being curated to the point where USAA only shows ratings to their benefit?




Thank you for sharing your experience in the Community. I'm sorry to hear of your experience with the Real Estate Rewards Network. This is not the type of experience we like hearing from our members who have utilized the service. I have taken this opportunity to share your comments with a colleague who works with the Real Estate Rewards Network. They will review your situation and reach out to address your concerns.


Additionally, USAA makes every effort to post the reviews our members leave unless they violate our moderator guidelines. You can review these guidelines by selecting Moderation Guidelines located at the bottom of the review page. If you have any additional questions. Please let us know. ~Gus

How much does USAA ask of the realtors to pay me my cash reward?

@RobMart, thanks for your question and I'm engaging the appropriate area to help with your inquiry. -Paula

@RobMart, thank you for your inquiry. The amount of the incentive you receive is based on the sales price of the home you have purchased or sold. ~HC

I also am currently having a disappointing experience with the Real Estate Rewards Network. Essentially, a USAA agent receives 40% of your realtor's commision in order to generate a referral. As stated above, this generates little incentive for agents to provide the same level of service. While we were lucky in the sense that our experience with our agent was extremely positive, I can see how this could easily have gone differently. 


Most importantly, the advertised "Reward" is not available in every situation. Some states do not qualify at all, and others have restrictions. This information is not readily available upon enrollment. I can see how this program may be beneficial to some, but PLEASE read the fine print before committing. 

@caitlinh55, I'm sorry to hear of your experience with the mortgage process. I will have your concerns forwarded to a subject matter expert for further review.~ Samantha

HI Caitlin, for some reason I never saw your response on this. To that end since you posted back in June, I hope you got past all the heartburn of working with the program. Today while speaking on another topic with an agent. They told me that program was discontinued so hopefully sloppy agents wont impact veterans anymore.

Hi @Kris508 ,

We are glad you came back and posted on this thread. Is there anything we can help you with here today? Happy Holidays!

I am using the program now and your post sounds very familiar to me. Very disappointed