You did it. You beat me. After being on hold , getting transfered, never getting the same answer and getting the general run around about getting my form 1098 corrected.  I will eat the $1000 of mortgage interest  I was charged and paid in 2016.... that you have printed on my statement but wont add to my form 1098. I am at a 30% tax bracket, so you cost me about $300.


Shame on you USAA for taking down the link on the NATIONSTAR webpage That stated if you are having problems with NATIONSTAR contact USAA . That link is long gone...geez I wonder why. If you try contact USAA about a problem with NATIONSTAR, your email is automatically transfered to NATIONSTAR.


I am the longtime USAA customer who has a 6 figure savings/stock portfolio with USAA . Have had numerous loans with USAA, credit cards, insurance,pay everything on time... 820 plus credit rating etc . Never ever had an issue with USAA, til you sold the mortgage loan servicing to NATIONSTAR. I checked NATIONSTAR out with the BBB. Holy smoke its bad. I mean ugly bad.


I am sure privately USAA knows they screwed up joining up with NATIONSTAR. But hiding from your customers when they have a issue with NATIONSTAR is downright wrong. You got a constant barrage of ads on TV saying that USAA cares about about fixing the problem with NATIONSTAR.


I  do not reccomend using USAA to buy a house at this time.


I honestly suspect anyone that paid any mortgage payments 1 month early or paid additional principle on your mortgage to NATIONSTAR in 2016.. Your form 1098 is most likely incorrect. If mortgage rates drop...I am out of this mess, and its sure not with USAA.


Steve51, I understand the seriousness of your concerns. Please be assured we will engage the appropriate team to review this matter further. A member of our team will be following up with you as soon as we've had an opportunity to have this reviewed. Thank  you. - Rhonda

@Rhonda -   Yes and how long will it be before there is a response?  And yes Nationstar is an absolute disaster and USAA has to own this, but I don't think they are quite there yet.  However, in speaking with the powers that may be on the Executive Resolution group from the CEO's office (or whatever they call themselves) this is what I was told about what interest was to be reported for the year 2016.    If a payment was made in 2016, the interest was to be calculated, recorded, and reported for the year 2016.  When I spoke to Nationstar it seemed that they were having a hard time understanding this concept.


     On a side note, I am still working on my other issue with Nationstar and the credit reports.  Part of the problem is that WAY TOO MANY people got involved and it became WAY MORE COMPLICATED than necessary.  We received yet another letter in the mail today saying that they were "following up on a question we had".  Well my question would be "why didn't they just do ALL of the research at once and answer my entire original question to begin with" instead of this back and forth and back and forth situation we are in now.  And it will go without saying that Carla with the Executive Resolution group did not help matters with her holier than thou attitude.  In fact, her attitude actually is prolonging this situation and also will cost USAA some of our business.   In fact, we already moved $200K because of her attitude.      




If a payment was made in 2016, the interest was to be calculated, recorded, and reported for the year 2016. When I spoke to Nationstar it seemed that they were having a hard time understanding this concept. I couldn't agree more..Nationstar seems to have their own way of accounting mortgage interest .. unlike anyone elses.



We appreciate your sharing your Nationstar feedback. We have engaged the appropriate area to review and address your concerns. We appreciate your patience as we research your information. ~Thank you. Celeste.

Follow up... I talked to a USAA rep today. That person was caring and eager to fix the issues at hand....USAA does have some caring employees, that are trying to get things fixed at Nationstar. Thank you.

Steve51, we are glad to hear we could assist addressing your concerns. Please do not do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance. ~Thank you. Celeste.