Nationstar Strikes Again

Once again, I’m disappointed with the “service” provided by Nationstar Mortgage. When we received a property tax notice this month indicating a reduction in our taxes, I immediately reached out to Nationstar to make certain that they were aware of the change in our tax status. Per their instructions, I submitted a copy of the revised tax bill to their tax department. They, of course, would have already received the same notice. I received a canned response: “We received your tax document and have forwarded it to our tax department for review.” In the meantime, Nationstar remitted the original amount of taxes to our county tax assessor! Now, I am trying to find out where the excess funds -paid erroneously on our behalf - are. Unfortunately, I am getting the run-around! My tax office indicates that the 3rd party used by Nationstar - Corelogic - paid only the actual amount due for 2021. The county provided me with a receipt. Nationstar says the higher amount (which never should have been paid!) was remitted and that they are waiting for the county tax office to refund the difference. Which is it? And why am I having to jump through hoops trying to right a wrong that Nationstar is responsible for? Some “tax department” … what a joke!
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Yes Nationstar is an unethical operation. In some cases it is illegal in my oponion. In two years, ALL my payments were on time and in the exact proper amount. Nationstar found a way to hold my payments  back (not credit the account until later) so that now, they have charged me with several hundred $ of "late fees,"my credit rating has gone from 800+ to 550, and am listed as being several thousands $ past due. They even took some of the monthly interest and principal payment and diverted it to escrow yet not a single $ of escrow payment has been made by Nationstar.(nor was any due to be paid). This is a small part of the Nationstar effect. 

Do anything to not get involved with USAA and a mortgage. They leasrned how to do business from ENRON.

See what you get when you involve USAA in a mortgage.  ABSOLUTELY NO WAY  I would ever involve USAA in a mortgage.  I would refinance a mortgage to get as far away from Nationstar as possible!

@Cheeb I'm sorry to hear about the experience you are having with our servicer. I would be happy to look into it for you. Could you provide me with your member number or a phone number associated with your account via private message?