Was just informed that Nationstar is taking over my Mortgage from USAA. I don't even recall having a letter stating this. Apparently it was "hidden" on the bottom part of another letter from USAA more as a "FootNote". I've been with USAA my whole military career since I was a pup. However, I will now be leaving them to refinance with another bank that is far more reputable than Nationstar. Extremely disappointed with USAA and I am considering to now leave them in all aspects (insurance, checking, savings, etc.) I didn't get my mortgage through Nationstar or any other company. I specifically got it from USAA for a reason. If they don't want or cannot manage mortgages, then I will go to a different bank that "I CHOOSE" not a subpar one that I am being directed to without any say.


We have received your feedback concerning the servicing of your mortgage. We would like the opportunity to personally speak with you and address your concerns. We will forward your request to our mortgage department and they will be back in the office on Monday. After they review your concern they will follow-up with you as soon as possible. Thank you! - Darrell 

It seems that the current USAA management isn't paying attention to what members are saying.   They made this decision and they're not fixing it.  Their might be ways for USAA members to work together to exercise some control over management and start holding them accountable for bad decisions.

Dear Me39,


We appreciate and understand your feedback. Feedback is reviewed and taken into consideration. This, however, does not mean changes will occur, but the comments are weighed to see if changes can and should be made. Thanks for sharing your opinion!  

@SVGM, to ensure we address every member comment, we remove duplicate posts. I've responded to your first two posts. Please be assured a follow up will be made with you. Thank you. - Rhonda

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