NOT Satisfied with Movers Advantage or this newer program USAA offers- Terrible Customer Service

We recently bought a home in August and were told by USAA that a reward check from Movers Advantage would be mailed out within three weeks of us closing on the home. August 18th was our closing date. USAA sent a check out but to the address of the first home we put an offer in on. We don't even live there!

Today is November 9th - it's been almost TWELVE WEEKS since we closed on our first home. We called USAA 5-6 times now. The first time we spoke with someone they said the check was in the mail. After 4 or 5 weeks we called again. They said it was sent already and to the address of the first house we put an offer in on. Not the one we purchased... Customer service said they'd re-issue the check right away. Two weeks later, still no check. After calling, they said that it was sent in the mail. 

The 4th time we called we were told that the check hadn't been sent out yet and that they'd take care of it right away. Last week when we called we asked to speak with someone since we have not received our check and we've clearly been lied to this whole time. This last person we spoke with tried to get us to a manager to speak with and said "well, it looks like they did send a check out but we cancelled it". Yes, because you sent it to a random person's house.... "The check was never re-issued or resent so I'll make sure we'll take care of this right away and call you back after I speak with a manger". That was a week ago. Never heard back, never received a check. Do not like being lied to. 

Very, very unhappy with this program. We would not recommend using USAA or Movers Advantage to any of our military friends. Prior to buying our home, we've had great customer service. I'm not sure what changed. 




I am sorry to hear about your recent experience. I have passed this along to our mortgage team for review. They will be reaching out to you directly. Thank you.

I had a very good experience with USAA Movers Advantage Program, and as promised, they did send out the check, which is actually a gift certificate, within 3 weeks of closing.  This gift certificate is good at MANY, MANY, vendors, such as Lowes, K-MArt, Amerfican Eagle, Childrens Palace, and about 500 other vendors, if I am correct.  I spent all of mine in one shot at Lowes on blinds, and a new grill :)  ALSO, Movers Advantage treat you right.  They have rules on how the Real Estate Agent treat you, and their bosses, and their bosses, continue to contact you to see how they are doing (although you already know that).  I thought that was a good thing.  Therefore, my Agent was really on top of things in order to help me out. 

There must be a HUGE mistake with mailing out your check or "gift certificate" by USAA.  I would also email them, besides calling them... email the boss.  Contact your post office at both ends.  Contact your Real Estate Agent's boss, and their boss.  IT will come immediately, if you do that.  I am sure it will.  Good luck with this frustrating issue :(, but it will be solved very soon :)