I got a bill for a 100.00$ a year increase in my homeowners insurance today. I have not filed any claims and called to find out why. I was told that the increase was due to a chance that N.C. was going to have higher than normal hurricanes this year and everyone in this state got a rate increase. I got a 65.00$ increase last year when the Republicans took over the state and handed out favors for getting elected. This is a 165.00$ increase in less than 2 years with absolutely no reason other than to fill the pockets of the rich that live on the money that we kill ourselves to make. This needs to stop and I urge everyone in N.C. to call and threaten to change insurance companies like I did! I will be finding a cheaper auto and homeowners insurance policy with another company. This is what happens when people stay with an insurance company for an extended period of time, instead of rewarding us for staying, we are sucked dry until we cant afford it anymore, then charge us for switching to a cheaper company. Not to mention the hassle of finding another insurance company and changing everything over. Goodbye USAA.



I am sorry to hear about your experience. I will pass your feedback through to the appropriate department. Please email us your member number and concerns to socialmedia@usaa.com