We have all of our ends tied into USAA. Mortgage, insurance, (life, car and house) loans, credit cards, investments, savings, you name it, we have it. We've always sang a praising tune when it came to USAA. I wouldn't even open a spam envelope that dared to offer anything better.

However, in the past two years we have encountered the "other" side to USAA. The fine lines you could say. I won't bore you with all the details and experiences but I will tell you that we were dumped with an ill mannered so call broker who dropped us because we wouldn't buy a brand new home that was overpriced and out of our budget. Then, we were given another so called broker who gave us the exact opposite of what I was looking for. Its ok, we have our home, they made their commission and all is well. 6 months later we get collections notice saying that we didn't pay the taxes. Isn't that supposed to be sorted through at closing? Apparently, the good faith estimate check that was given to us at closing as promised, was really the tax money from the previous owner. It hadn't been paid for almost a year. Oddly, it was the same total so we didn't notice the difference when we happily took it to the paint store and updated the orange and yellow house. The fine line was that they kept the good faith credit and used it towards our taxes and gave us the check for the previous taxes. The only problem with this is that they (BFF's Broker and tax lady) neglected to tell us that it was already 6 months late or that we needed to pay anything at all. The previous owners stopped paying the taxes when they put the house on the market. Not sure how we got stuck with someone elses bill but we now owned the home so I guess we inherited their problem. Boy were we in for a surprise. That tiny little word (problem) soon became plural. They are supposed to be 'buyers' agents but don't be fooled. USAA didnt do much to fix that other than allowing us to make payments for the difference over the next year. Thanks. Why do I blame USAA for a bad broker? Because it was THROUGH USAA that we were sent these so called amazing home representatives. They stand behind their recommendations and referrals. Thanks again.

2 years later we overpaid our mortgage. I paid via USAA app and unknowingly my husband paid via internet. Of course it didnt work. I didn't have 2 mortgage payments worth in the account. Because it couldn't come out, the automatic withdrawal system noticed an error of insufficient funds and tried to take it out a 3rd time. Some of you may have the extra backup but we didnt have $10,000 grand laying around to cover the miscommunication between us. OOps, we tried to pay our mortgage. My bad. We were charged so many times and had so many fees. Of course we had a few bounced checks and a few upset PTA members when my membership check didnt go through at the school. We had to pay those fees as well. Don't forget about the fees through each of the 7 installations were starting to add up. I hate writing checks! I had to pay over $70 in fees for a $25 violin rental. Now, they too think we are deliquent non dependable kinda people. It was our fault afterall so I'm not pointing the finger completely at USAA but I was dissapointed to call in asking for the hault of these fees and a little sympathy for a 20+ year veteran and NO prior mistakes, when I got a very rude customer service lady suggesting that I talk to someone in the financial planning department. Seriously? This is not a matter of me paying my bills on time. In fact its just the opposite. We were both trying to pay the mortgage 3 days early but not us or the average person has 3 mortgage payments sitting in their checking account just in case. Good for you if you're one of those people. You have your stuff together!

I was disappointed and surpised that USAA has a 3rd party vendor for our mortgage problems. Of course the mortgage and the bank have nothing to do with each other. No communication and we have to deal with them individually. I felt like I was running in circles trying to fix this problem. I got a single fee resolved (thank you for your kindness). I was appreciative for anything...really. A month later, we get our mortgage statement. I'm being charged AGAIN and still. When I called in I got another very rude customer service guy who refused to help saying that weve already been waived "A" fee and he would put in our request to be reviewed by a manger. Please wait. Of course we have to pay whatever fees they decide to tack on AND on time or we will be charged another fee. Or fees. There are PLENTY of other issues we've had over the last two years. These are just two of them.  I hope our money has gone to a good cause. I hope with all the fees, payments and charges that USAA has accumulated over the years, someone better have a nice pool in their back yard. We have been members for 20+ years and I'm ready for a change. Im ready to keep my money and have our OWN pool.


I love to see how people try to blame others for their own mistakes.  So you and your spouse both made mortgage payments and didn't bother telling the other person?  How in the world could that be someone elses fault?  Especially considering how you say you don't have excess money to cover such a situation.  Seems to me it would be even more important to make sure these things are communicated.  Either way, not the banks fault no matter how you look at it.  Might as well chalk it up to what it is, poor communication and money management.  As for the mortgage issues you were having, they don't even make sense.  You don't receive a good faith estimate at closing by the way.  And the tax issue should have been handled by the title company or closing attorney.  I'm sure there's more there than what was explained.  Seems like that one comes down to not understanding how mortgage process works.  Did you check all the figures in the closing document so make sure they were correct?  Or do you just blindly trust everyone to be 100% correct all the time, especially when dealing with such important things or large figures of money?  

We have been with USAA for over 18 years. They used to be wonderful years ago but have gone down hill the last five or so years. They are great until you need help and then they are rude and come up with up excuses and new rules. Try getting rear ended while stopped at a red light and be told by USAA insurance you have to pay your deductible because you can't prove you were hit from behind! Is that my fault too MrCommonSense?

Dear Jon and Con,

I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I have escalated your comment to our claims department who will review your situation and be in touch. We truly appreciate your 18 year membership and look forward to speaking with you further.  Thank you.

Did you take pictures at the scene?  Did you call the police and have them document the accident?  Did you get any witness statements or information?  Did you call USAA on the spot and ask their advice?  Did you review your insurance or state laws concerning accidents and who's at fault when fault can't be proven?  


If your answers were no, then it probably is your fault.  Unfortunately if there are no witnesses or evidence then any insurance company cannot just take your word for it.  You could have just been sitting at a green light not paying attention or brake checking someone.  Not that you would do that I'm sure, but the reality is that anything is possible and the insurance companies are not in the practice of just taking someones word on what happened.  If the other driver admitted fault then that is another story but I'm sure they never provided USAA a statement or proof that they were at fault.  I know it sucks but reading through the insurance riders and documentation really helps in these kind of situations.  knowing what you need to do in the situation can really help ensure that you're covered and get what you need to make the other person pay for what they are at fault for.  i follow one main rule for any accident that has the smallest amount of damage,  Call the police and make them come out so you have a report.  If the other driver is at fault, they will receive a citation/ticket/etc and you will have documentation to use as evidence.  Take pictures before anything gets moved.  Use a dash cam that is always on while you're driving, front and back would be the best.  Not sure what your other circumstances are but there are many other factors that can result in your outcome.  My experiences have been 99% positive and my claims taken care of in the most professional and expeditious manner.  If you find yourself dealing with someone who doesn't provide the level of service you expect, call back and get someone else.  No company is perfect and sometimes you might get that employee who is having a bad day or maybe shouldn't be working there but I've found that USAA really does go that extra mile to provide great customer service.