Yes, I had called a week prior to inquire about what needed to be done when we were ready to re-open our Heloc, as at the time we had $600.00 left to payoff. The representative told us to just call back and we could get it reopened whenever we were ready to begin our project.  I called back 10  days later after our payoff ws complete and was told that no new or existing Helocs were being opened until further notice! This was extremely frustrating. Had I known that when I called the week before, I would have gone ahead and reopened it then! Now our project is on the backburner until further notice? Where was the communication!  It seems as though USAA may be getting to big and not paying attention to the customer service anymore. I sure hope this is not the case!  At the least, I would have expected to have been told by the agent the week before that it was going to be stopped.  What kind of timeframe are we looking at? So I at least know If we need to go somewhere else for our needs!!!  Are Helocs going to be available within the next three months?


Hi Whole Family,


Welcome to the community! I apologize for the inconvenience that this may be causing you at this moment. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific date as to when the Home Equity Loan products will be back up. We will be sure to post here in the community once we have an update.


We thank you for your patience!