I've been a USAA member since 1968, and have grown to expect only the very best service and products from USAA, and after reading some of the reviews about various members' disappointments with USAA Mortgage Services, I wondered if I should place my trust in USAA for our home mortgage.  Well, I'm EXTREMELY well pleased with the whole process, and with EVERY person I had the pleasure of working with to obtain my VA Home Mortgage.  In fact, after only 46 days from the start of the appliation to the closing, I have nothing but praise for my Loan Specialist and the USAA Mortgage Services staff.  In fact, we would have closed quicker had our VA Appraiser not required some minor repairs to be completed prior to closing (as it turned out these could NOT be done prior to closing because of our winter weather up here in the Northeast, but our Loan Specialist worked with underwriting to develop a workable solution and closing went forward!).


Just to show how EFFICIENT the USAA Mortgage staff is, upon completing the online Application one night, I received word the next morning from the person assigned as our Processor, that I was pre-approved.  I must add though, that I did NOT send in the application until I had all the requested information available and provided to USAA.  I believe that is one of keys to making this process run smoothly. Our Processor discussed rate options with pros/cons, and once I chose the one that worked best in our situation, she quickly provided me with what was needed to move forward and provided our pre-approval letter.  I think it should be kept in mind once again, that communications are a 'two way street,' and that the Member should not hesitate to ask questions, nor fear talking with any of the USAA staff...They really are there to help get the loan through the whole process.


We were then assigned to our Loan Specialist, who worked with us through the entire rest of the process which would go to final underwriting and closing.  The man assigned to us was just FANTASTIC.  He communicated with me regularly, returned calls PROMPTLY (I had seen posts where people said they didn't call back, etc., I found that not true in the case of our Loan Specialist), and he answered my messages in a very timely manner.  If I really needed to speak to him, he was there for us. 


Regardless, this man kept me informed as to what was needed every step of the way, and worked hard and fast to move the application along, getting the necessary appraisal ordered, giving me help in any documentation that was needed (that turned out to be a real 'god-send' when it came to the minor repairs), advising me to lock our rate at the right time, and then getting our loan app through final underwriting almost immediately once he had all the documents that were needed.  I believe that the real key to making this whole process work smoothly is to work closely with your assigned Loan Specialist, and together work as a team, and letting him or her coach you through.  In other words, let the Specialist work alongside you in this, and be as responsive as possible in the most timely manner.  If you know you can't provide something, don't hesitate to let your Loan Specialist know, and then see if there is a way to work around whatever the issue.


In the end, our Loan Specialist moved us right into closing in a very timely manner.  Again, in just 46 days (which would have been about 2 weeks sooner had we not have had to deal with the minor repair issue) we completed the whole transaction.  Needless to say, our Seller, who was an out of the area seller, and ourselves are VERY, VERY happy with the entire process! 


USAA...You CONTINUE to have my highest confidence!  Thank you for a GREAT VA Loan Experience!