Tackling a move alone presents many challenges (like the testimonies above mention). You can get through this and hopefully will use the advice of seasoned PSC-ers to ease your burdens. I encourage you all to ask your PCS questions and share your moving stories so others can benefit from your experiences! Here are a few tidbits of advice I received when poling my Facebook friends: Taylor: The last orders my husband received sent us across the country (Virginia Beach to Lemoore) and him on an immediate deployment. I was 4 months pregnant and handled everything myself. Neither of us had visited Lemoore, so I made the decision to live on base by asking friends and acquaintances for their recommendation. In my husband’s orders, since he had been sent straight to a deployment, it was stated we were allowed one personal vehicle shipment with our HHG. The office was misinformed about some of the shipping details and told me it was not at all possible to ship the car (also said since it was busy moving season they could not handle our move). I recommend you research and ask multiple people about your specific situation. Because of all of the trouble I sold the vehicle instead of shipping it, and in hindsight wish I would have pushed the issue and had them ship the car. Lessons learned, don’t back down. Be armed with facts and get second options. Also, don’t be bullied by administration. Kristen Smith from Army Wife Network: Ours was that he felt very disconnected, and I needed feel like decisions were getting made. Housing is my number one stress in a PCS and my husband likes to see things in person- so it made that one tough. My advice would be to make organization a priority. Especially if you're talking back and forth and having to "keep notes" on your service member's ideas and thoughts, a binder of all the info/paperwork/checklists can help keep you moving forward instead of spinning in circles. Please ask questions or share your experiences!