I will retire at the end of the year from civilian federal service. My home is rented until next June. I am in need of a residence to rent and have a dog. I am finding Ft. Lauderdale is not as pet friendly as I remember. Any suggestions?


Depending on where you're looking to rent, we live in Plantation and LOVE it. It's very family friendly, not a lot of crime, great fire department & police involvement. Everywhere down here they have issues with pets, high pet deposits, monthly pet rent, & breed restrictions. Unless you rent from a private renter - high move in costs usually - you may have a hard time finding a place!


Be cautious where you rent. Contact USAA for insurance quotes for renters insurance. I have found that many Florida properties are not covered. I have also found that ones listed on this cite are not. It is good to see what is covered, because it will help to identify which properties have met the hurricaine and sink hole requirements. Surprisingly not as many as I would have thought. Be careful, Be safe and good luck.