Moving to England in the summer with two 80lb dogs!

Hello all! We are moving to England which is the place I was born and raised! I am super stressed however about shipping my two dogs. I have shipped dogs before from Germany and that was easy, the issue I am having is that this time we are moving in June and the Airlines apparently won't ship your dogs in the summertime in case the temps are above 75 degrees. Does anyone know if a night flight would be ok? Thanks!


It will depend on the Airlines. The blackout months for those flights are for the safety of the animals and are usually not changed. There are several pricey steps to bring your animals into the UK. You have to quarantine, transport and board them and you pay for that out of your own pocket also the housing here is very small and with new regulations having to do with military housing you may want to contact your receiving unit and the housing office to clarify any restrictions to the size of your animals.