I will have 2 kids:12 & 3 and our 100lb dog as well. Trying to figure out the logistics of it all.

So far options are:

-Pull small Uhaul trailer behing our SUV(w luggage and valuables we dont want movers moving) and stay in pet friendly hotels.

-Rent an RV, everyone has space to spread out while traveling, no oading or nloading luggage, etc. Everythin is right there. Also can be used on other end if we dont have a house right away.


Any other ideas/recommendations/thoughts??


RV and make it a family adventure with lots of side trips. Throw in a partial DiTY move, with a small or your loaded SUV towed, and you might get some of the rental back....you only live with your family for a short time.

Hi Ya'll!  Was wondering where you'll be stationed and where you're from...home?  If you are coming to my area then we should meet and I can show you around?  Wilmington is great...The Diligence great duty.  By the way we were stationed in many places over our 25 year career...many in Hawaii.  We were able to trek across country 3 times.  Our longest journey was from KeyWest, FL to Seattle, WA.  The kids were not at all times HAPPY as we were to travel the road but years later they thanked us for it with fond memories!  Best done earlier years, as teenagers we did allow video games and DVD's...like I said they did get bored and a lot of our beautiful country is full of waves of grain.  Hehe!  Would love to hear back from you?  Who knows we may already know each other...small world!  Heidi Young

We are moving from CA to NC this summer as well :o) I am looking at all of my options as well. My biggest hurdle is finding a moving company that is legit, trustworthy, and not $5000!!! I'll be driving this trip across the US with my husky, as my girls will be spending the summer with their dad... Im going to try to find something cool to see on the way there :o)

I got about 6 different moving quotes from CA to TN and all were more than $5000 for a family of 3.  ABF is an option and was cheaper, it's basically like PODs and your reesponsible for loading/nloading and packing.  Even a Uhaul truck was $4000 when you included gas...   Good luck!