I am getting ready to move to Hawaii in a few months and although our moving company is reputable and provides basic insurance, they say it is possible to also acquire additional third party insurance. Does USAA have movers insurance? Or do you know of any reputable companies?



Congratulations on your move! What an exciting adventure!


Make sure you have enough homeowners or renters insurance to cover your belongings in case something happens to them while they're in transit or storage. Renters insurance is great for that, especially if you'll be living in government housing, because it has both a lower deductible and lower premiums.


You can get more personalized information about what you need (for example, making sure your current renters or homeowner insurance policy will cover any moving issues) from a specialist by calling 1-800-531-USAA (8722) (when prompted say "Renters Insurance or Homeowners Insurance" to speak to the correct department). Thank you for posting and good luck on your move!


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I wanted to double check something that is not clear from your post.  A few years ago I moved, and thought that my stuff was covered by my USAA Renter's policy.  The TV was damaged by the movers, but when I made the claim they said that the policy only covers goods that are completely lost in transit.  Is that still the case, or has the policy language been changed?  I ask, both because I don't want the previous poster to misunderstand like I did, and because I am moving again soon as well.



hi ms100!

I wish this question was an easy answer... it actually depends on your individual policy. I would recommend calling a member service specialist at 1-800-531-USAA (8722) to ensure your policy will cover damaged items (not just lost). I am sorry I cannot be of more help in this forum!


Best of luck on your upcoming move!

Hi I have a question... does renter's insurance cover your belongings in storage also?

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I know this answer does not help much, but the coverage depends on your individual policy. A quick call to a member service representative will ensure you have coverage for your belongings in storage. Thank you!