I have had PCS orders since last September and have had my house up for sale since then (had to go to training before I PCS). I decided to use USAA's Movers advantage program, BIG MISTAKE! USAA uses Coldwell Banker as the company that is going to sell your house and they assign a realtor. The first realtor was absolutely worthless. She never communicated with me about anything that she was doing to sell my house, and needless to say in the 6 months that she was my realtor I didn't get one offer. The funny thing is, is that after my 6 month contract was up with her she sent me the paperwork to extend with her. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and switched realtors still using their program and they assigned me another realtor. She was all gung-ho when her contract started but soon was just as bad as the other realtor. She said I needed to sell my sectional (to make my living room look bigger) and she would get 2 smaller couches. After 2 days she said she couldn't sell it and if I knew anyone who I could give my couch to. I then committed myself to giving my couch to my neighbors and am still waiting on her to get 2 couches that she said she would get. I highly advise USAA to end their contract with Coldwell Banker since they have proven to me that their realtors are not very proficient at selling houses. I finally gave up with them and told them to take my house off the market, even after lowering the price $5000 below market value. Will just try and rent it now. Would be nice if USAA had a program like ERA realty where if your house doesn't sell they will buy it from you. Maybe if they had a program like that then they would work harder at selling your house.


We've had a horribly frustrating experience with Coldwell Banker, too. Mistakenly used the same agent we were assigned when we bought our home 5 years ago. As my husband pointed out, I had done much of the legwork and followup with the purchase. We have done everything with the sale (attempted, that is), too--including staging, taking our own pics, re-writing the description of our home. Multiple requests for typo corrections, edited pics to replace sloppy, misleading pics--you name it. I defended and defended our agent for the first 2-3 months--first to my husband, then to several friends who are experienced buyers/sellers, family, etc. We screwed up and I wish I hadn't just trusted that USAA wouldn't enter into an agreement with a company that adds many extra fees, incentives, contract terms, etc. to a seller's plate.