I used the Movers Advantage program because it stated that you would get money back.  Great right?  Sure it is.  We had a fantastic relator who was just hands down amazing.  When everything was said and done and we were nearing closing I get an e-mail from the Movers Advantage program that says:


"You may be eligible to receive a commission reduction/rebate at closing.  Your agent will advise if you are eligible to receive this, based on state laws."


Well...my agent didn't say a peep, but she did give us a lovely gift card.  I still really like her and if or when we sell in the future I will give her a buzz but I'm totally annoyed the the Movers Advantage would sell themselves as one thing and then send me a ridiculious e-mail stating that my relator will let me know...great relator or not, who is volunteering up their comission.




Hi Nick,


We used the program and received the rebate, which was a really nice payday.  I think the email is written as such, because of the differences in various state laws.  When you signed up for the program, the following disclosure was provided:


"Reward offer limited in some states. Reward amount is based on sale price of home sold or purchased and cannot exceed $6,000 per transaction. To receive the maximum amount offered of $6,000, the sale price of the home sold or purchased must be $1 million dollars or more. In 2013 the average member closing in the program received $1,000. A reward is not available in Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. In Kansas and Tennessee, a gift card will be issued that is accepted at specific retailers. State regulations in Kansas limit the dollar amounts and the type of incentive. In Oregon, a commission reduction may be available at closing. In New Jersey, a commission credit may be available at closing. Please check with the program coordinator for details. You must be enrolled in the program and be represented at closing by an approved agent with a participating real estate firm in order to qualify for the reward. Reward not available to sellers in a short sale transaction. In certain states buyers may need seller cooperation in order to participate in the reward program. Availability restrictions apply."


Recommend you contact your USAA Real Estate Coordinator for assistance.


Good Luck.

Yes, I read all that.  I bought a home in Oregon where a commission reduction may be available at closing...our relator's commission was never brought up, in fact I thought that since this relator was provided through the program that that part must have been tied up with the program.  Not once did we speak about her comission.


The wording is confusing, is the program available to me or not?  Or is it modified for my state and instead of the program there is only a commission reduction? 


Thanks for rubbing in your great rebate.  :)  I will contact the coordinator.

Sorry about the rebate remark! ;).  I googled "In Oregon, a commission reduction may be available at closing." and it seems to be standard language to many of the programs like USAA Movers Advantage.   I did find this article which explains the issue with commission reduction and Oregon state law.